Buncefield Oil Storage Fire - speaker Neil McNair

Tue, Jan 16th 2024 at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Meal at Forgan House. Reception - Grant Cargill, Menu Choice - Alice Little

Neil McNair gave a talk on the 2005 Buncefield Oil Storage depot blaze.

Neil, an IT specialist who joined the Kilrymont club last year, was a retained fireman at Harpenden Station when the massive fire broke out in December almost 25 years ago.
Neil said that a faulty valve in one of 22 oil storage tanks at the Hemel Hempstead facility led to fuel spilling out and a resultant vapour cloud exploded causing massive damage and a fire that took nearly a week to extinguish.
The explosion happened at 6am on a Sunday morning and miraculously no one was killed. Had it happened slightly later on a week day many would likely have died.
Grant Cargill proposed a vote of thanks for Neil’s most interesting, illustrated talk delivered in an engaging style.

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