Club Assembly Poem (14 June 2023)

So the time has now finally come for me to share my vision,
Of our amazing Club following 100 years of precision,
Before I start I must acclaim the year that has just gone,
As Jeff announced at a recent meeting it’s president was number 1,
In all the years Jeff’s been in the club he’s not seen any better,
I shrank that day in my seat but in me you have no quitter,
My first big speech in front of the Club and I decided to make it rhyme,
Hopefully you’ll forgive me if it may be short in time,
It’s all a ploy as at my school I disliked reading a load,
So please forgive me if this script, I don’t quite make it proud,
The biggest thing for me this year is to work with our sister club,
Whose President this year is Helen, my wife , and my greatest bud,
During our tenure as Presidents we’ll celebrate our silver jubilee,
Our mission is to bring the clubs together Rotary in Guernsey,
Each Club does their own things and makes Guernsey proud,
We’ll continue to work together and try to shout about it loud,
So now I’d better start to talk about my year to be,
And how I hope it will turn out, fingers crossed we shall see,
Foundation first, under Simon, the committee I was last to chair,
It includes the work for polio with Bill & Melissa there,
But lots of other causes donations in the millions,
Lead out of Evanston Illinois are 1.4m Rotarians,
The pinnacle of the year will be the March Foundation quiz,
25 teams making over 2 grand, it really is a wiz,
Steve Hogg and the Dearman’s, sort out the drink and food,
Competition is fierce for the  win but we’ll all leave in a good mood,
Going back in time for me, I was community service chair,
One of the busiest agendas in the Club, loads of work to share,
Xmas parcels sorted by Paul and Flag day done by Chris,
The Tree of Joy campaign is however probably the most iconic,
The back office here for the gifts is run by the Dorey’s,
Nige also sorts the signage, and switch on with Rob Whalley,
Mike is in the Chair again this year, ably assisted by Simon,
I shall not be including any more projects for them to work upon,
Thanks there to the whole Club though for getting on with this work,
Like the great Rotarians you all are, involvement you don’t shirk,
Further further back in time, I ran youth opportunities,
Much has changed but under Martin’s lead, new things a plenty,
He’s reinvigorated young chef, RYLA and young photographer,
A new one this year will be young environmentaler,
He’s another of our members with a link to our sister Clubbie,
Like Pat and Liz, Paul and Michelle, we always have the hubby,
Membership which I’ve never done but know can be done no better,
Meet and greet, new members, super Club seller,
Margrit has, over the years, made membership her own,
We’ll try adding this year WhatsApp on council’s phones,
She helps all new members to recognise everybody’s name,
I think we’d all agree without her, our meetings wouldn’t be the same,
George and his 50/50 draw chief of police to deputy,
Maybe this year I’ll occasionally win, but so does Charity,
For International a new Chair, the more than able Chris,
A trip, Rotary cheers and other events, he’ll be superb at this,
Not sure if it’ll be a Christmas trip I’m sure he’d like the feedback,
Even further Ukraine collections maybe, I know he’ll keep on us track,
Simon I appreciate you work au revoir and not goodbye,
Monsieur merci beaucoup pour tout votre travail,
Sports & social Chair is also new, in the guise of  past president Dave,
I’ve challenged him with Rotary Guernesiais we should mix more and rave,
I know our clubs together can really have some fun,
Fellowship fun together when the charitable work is done,
A big shout again to Nigel, and the socials he arranged,
Some new ones this year, but some will remain unchanged,
Jane has agreed to continue  as our outstanding secretary,
Victor will be joining us on council as her deputy,
Last few lines honest as someone needs to settle the bill,
I am very happy our treasurer continues to be Phil,
Next up as President elect we have a barrister,
In Simon Howitt unlike me we have a true orator,
After that a former President of Rotary Guernesiais,
Carla the time will fly it’ll pass you in a haze
Finally if I’ve not shouted you out, please complain to Brian Acton,
And I’ll try to include you next time, if there is ever one!

Andy Salisbury

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