Rotary at Tarras Valley Nature Reserve, Langholm

Mon, Oct 2nd 2023 at 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

District 1320 has succeeded in obtaining the first District Global Grant for the Environment, with £18,000 worth of funding allocated to Tarras Valley Nature Reserve

The management team at Tarras Valley Nature Reserve (TVNR) near Langholm is actively engaged in working with a variety of partners including Rotary to restore the land and create a sustainable environment to support a broad mixture of wildlife, affording access to attractively varied open spaces for us all. District 1320 has succeeded in obtaining the first District Global Grant for the Environment worldwide, with this project being allocated £18,000 of Rotary money.

A key part of this restoration work is Implementation of compatible Wetland areas as well as new tree planting, and it is these areas that TVNR see a natural role for Rotary to work with them in its delivery. Rotarian Volunteers are now involved in ‘Hands On Work Parties’.

The first Rotary project carried out on 2 October, with eight Rotarians from a variety of clubs attending to carry out work in a difficult to access woodland. From Lockerbie, Bryan, Stuart, Alex and president Alan spent the day stripping out fences of chicken wire, posts and the like on the hill side, which was after walking for about 30 minutes into the forest! Their input was much appreciated by the TVNR team.

Tree planting is scheduled for 3 November and as this is work that many Rotarians know well, it is hoped that members from Disctrict 1320 will participate with this task

Rotary’s input to what is being done at TVNR over the next two years will be well publicised and be gratefully received by the Project Team. It will also provide a significant feel-good factor about Rotary! Longer term it also provides the potential to involve work teams from schools and partner organisations.