Sulutane 2023

A pre-school in a remote area of eSwatini

The last amazing donation by the Rotary Club of Nene Valley to the Swaziland Schools Projects (SSP) charity has been put towards the building of a classroom and toilets at Sulutane in a remote part of Eswatini.

SSP first came across a preschool in this community being run by a volunteer Swazi woman. We helped her get a pre school teaching certificate and the preschool has become so successful that it is no longer big enough. There is one small room and it is not possible to separate the older children to help get them ready for primary school. The room has also become a community focal point and food is delivered there so that those in the community who need it can be fed.

The photos show :-

community members digging foundations. SSP always asks the community to contribute in this way to gain joint "ownership" of the project.

children at the existing preschool

the cook preparing lunch (Liz in the background)

the walls starting to go up

Thanks again Nene Valley for your generous support

Keith Fossey MBE

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