Chitipi School Update Spring 2024

March saw the completion of the last element of the Phase 1 works of the Chitipi School Development Programme


A New Agrisan Block

Phase 1 works of the Chitipi School Development Programme is complete with the handover of another Agrisan Compostable Toilet. This was the third toilet unit built at the school, which enables urine to be collected separately from faeces. The urine when mixed with 10 parts of water after storing for 10 days, can be used as a bio-nitrate fertiliser to great effect. The faeces are left in a bricked-up vault for twelve months by which time it has decomposed into a rich compost. The school is able to sell these products through a lead farmer enabling them to provide free breakfasts to the children. A win-win for both parties.

Hand-over Ceremony

Mothers Group being briefed in Agrisan Usage

The previous elements provided as part of the Phase one programme was the establishment of a solar library to rent rechargeable lights to the children to enable them to do homework without using kerosene lamps, which are dangerous and polluting, the building of a boys urinal unit as a pilot to test the design and concept and the provision of nearly 3000 text books for use by grades 5 to 8.

Boys Urinal

The good news keeps coming as following the successful Jazz night held earlier in March we now have sufficient funds to commence works on Phase 2 of the programme. This will see the construction of a three classroom block. Work will start once we have received local planning approvals. 

Watch this space for further updates.

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