Club Handover

Tue, Jun 25th 2024 at 7:00 am - 9:00 am

Celebrating the end of President Dave Harris's fantastic year and the start of Janet Hewitt's presidency, at the PIP Cafe on Poundbury.

'What We Do' Main Pages:

Dorchester Beerex Committee members present Farah Bachelor from Amelia's Rainbow with the proceeds. Photo by Rich Gabe.

Write up by Dave Harris and a big thank you to all those involved.


Please see further details here.

Exhibition displayed in the Dorchester Library May 2023 - includes Young Artist entries, the Winning Young Writer poem and short story and images from the young Chef competition.

Casterbridge Rotary were very pleased to be able to offer Young Writer, Young Artist, Young Chef and Youth speaks in the last Rotary Year. We thank all the young people who entered, the schools, judges and parents who supported us.

The task Ahead

Casterbridge Rotary Club Helping to improve Garden

group shot

Photos of the Rotarians and our friends helping to keep Dorchester a little bit cleaner for Earth Day.