Rotary Mini Golf (2009)

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Someone 'ad this bright idea of a joint evening with the wimmin of Inner Wheel and young Steve Oliphant, 'e arranged we'd all go to a place called Oatlands and get some golf-putting practice and grub. 

Now, I'm just an ordinary humble bloke but there's some pretty well-to-do people in these two clubs and I had to larf when I saw some of 'em dressed up in golfing gear unloading electric golf trolleys in the car-park.  I reckoned they'd be in for a bit of a surprise because Oatlands probably runs on gas!

Now, everyone knows I'm not the sort of bloke to complain but, damme, someone got the date wrong because the bloney course wasn't even finished! There was lots of wacking great rocks left lying around and if you managed to get your ball past the rocks, they hadn't even finished levelling the ground yet! You was supposed to get your ball down an 'ole but every time you got the near the 'ole the ruddy ball set off on a tour of St Sampson's Parish!

I did think of 'aving a word with Jerry from Le Tertre about it because, although the course was in this 'orrible state. we still 'ad to PAY to use it! Anyway, the grub was alright, and the wimmin all looked very pretty and, since the raffle was 'elping Cheshire 'Ome and I got a prize, I reckon I'll keep quiet about it - though it beats me why Cheshire can't get home without my 'elp.

Double  - Top'

(by Rotarian Alec Forty)