The area covered by this district

Our district covers the South-East of England and Gibraltar and has a wealth of history is in beautiful locations. 

The spectacular rock outcrop the south-west tip of Europe forms Gibraltar is a must for visitors. Travolta has been transformed in recent years with the new marina area come soon modern hotels plus.many cafes and restaurants. The tourist attractions are well known to all including the spectacular St Michael's Cave's and the endearing Barbary apes.

On  mainland England we encompass the whole of the county of Kent, the Garden of England where there are well signposted tours taking you through orchards, and hop farms. Being on the front line of the German offensive in World War II has a rich history of the many airfields that were dotted around this area including many still flying Spitfires and Hurricanes. There are many seaside towns including Winchelsea, Margate and Deal all with their own character.

To the south county of East Sussex runs a district from Eastbourne to Rye; this is 1066 country on the basis of our Norman heritage. Castles abound many built by William the Conqueror and a visit to this area will be complete without seeing battle Abbey the site of the Battle of Hastings. East Sussex also has spectacular scenery from the white cliffs make up the Seven Sisters at Beachy Head to the many vineyards that have become a feature of this area.

District also encompasses a good chunk of south-east London given a real contrast to the area. The Thames as many attractions including the spectacular Dartford Crossing the old dockyards at Chatham.

Come and visit us you will not be disappointed.