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Volunteer Expo - Volunteering - Rotarians at Work
more   Fri 07/05/2021 - Volunteer EXPO Online

Change Lives. Take Action.

more   Sat 01/05/2021 - District Assembly

For all Rotarians within Rotary South East

more   Sat 10/04/2021 - President-elect Training (PETS2)

Training for all incoming club presidents within Rotary South East

more   Wed 31/03/2021 - District Council Meeting

Emergency District Council Meeting

more   Wed 31/03/2021 - Poetry Competition

Sittingbourne Invicta - Do You Remember 2020?

more   Tue 30/03/2021 - LOCKDOWN RACE NIGHT 2021

Bexhill - Over £300 raised for local & Rotary Charities.

Randolph displaying the seed exchange box
more   Tue 30/03/2021 - Rotary Club of the Isle of Thanet Sunrise seed exchange project

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - An idea from the club for the benefit of the community. A place to donate seeds and take others in exchange. Great idea for gardeners.

more   Sun 28/03/2021 - Virtual Balloon Race

Beckenham - This event is being held to raise funds for two charities - Demelza and BECOME. The balloons will fly from noon on Sunday 28th March for one week.

more   Sat 06/03/2021 - Food for Thought – Quiz: Raising funds for Canterbury Food Bank

Canterbury Sunrise - Please join us, the Rotary Clubs of Canterbury Sunrise and Chestfield for our, "Food for Thought" Quiz, which is sure to provide some charitable, socially distanced fun, all within the comfort of your home.

An illustration of the type young people of Chernobyl  who are so much in need of help.
more   Wed 03/03/2021 - Donation to Chernobyl Children's Lifeline

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - A post updating our support for this charitable organisation.

Caroline and Kevin's tabards worn while engaged in  marshalling at The old Saga Building at Westwood Cross, now being used as the Thanet Vaccination Centre
more   Wed 24/02/2021 - Volunteering at the Thanet Vaccination Centre in the Old Saga Building at Westwood Cross

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - President Caroline Winzer and her husband Kevin Winzer rose to the occasion and did their first shift of the day, volunteering as marshals at the centre. This was in response to a request from Government to Rotary and other organisations

Tea Party
more   Tue 23/02/2021 - Polio Tea Party

On Line Tea Party to celebrate our achievements on Polio Eradication

John Robinson - Rotary Radio UK
more   Tue 23/02/2021 - Rotary Day On Rotary Radio UK

Request for dedications to be read on Rotary Radio UK

Our Logo for the Quiz
more   Fri 12/02/2021 - Thanet Sunnrise Rotary Club's Virtual Quiz

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - A quiz held online at a Zoom Meeting. Everyone was invited, both Club Members, other Clubs' Members and the public at large.

District members please log in for more information.

Cabs 4 Jabs
more   Thu 04/02/2021 - CABS 4 JABS

Medway - Working in conjunction with Vokes, Windmill and Rainham cabs to offer free rides to the elderly and vulnerable when attending vaccination sites for Covid 19

One of the little libraries in Thanet that the club has helped by donating book  marks created by the club.
more   Fri 29/01/2021 - Thanet Little libraries

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - A post about something more than just donating money

more   Wed 27/01/2021 - Thank You for NHS Staff

Chestfield - Members and Friends of Rotary Club of Chestfield have made over 100 separate deliveries of home made cakes etc to Staff at NHS Hospitals and Surgeries to say "Thank You" for everything they are doing.

Lots of lovely loaves of bread awaiting delivery across Thanet to those in need.
more   Fri 08/01/2021 - The Lifeboat Project

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Bread donated by Krusty Kobb Bakery to the Lifeboat Project for distribution across Thanet.

Just some of the hampers made up for distribution
more   Thu 24/12/2020 - Christmas Hampers for Oasis Women's' refuge

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Club members got together to make up some excellent Christmas Hampers to be taken to the local Oasis Women's' Refuge

The famous Spitfire museum at Manston. A place well known the the residents of Thanet and beyond.
more   Sun 20/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 20 (The last day)

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Its the last day of an epic journey. Well done Pop-up Santa.

Here he is in all his glory. Goodness knows where he got all that from but doesn't he stand out. Well done Santa, you are almost home and dry. Not long to go now.
more   Sat 19/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 19

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Pop-Up Santa has been getting exercise today on his tricycle, dragging along Elf and Chief Elf in the gusty weather

Here's our boy. Pop-Up Santa with a microphone almost as big as his ego. Go for it Santa let rip and Rock and Roll..
more   Fri 18/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - Day 18

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Santa Rocks. He has gone loopy today. Strutting his stuff at Ramsgate seafront and Broadstairs.

Here is Pop-Up Santa with others preparing to do his bit for the environment. He'll really be working up a sweat dressed like that.
more   Thu 17/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - Day 17 (second venue)

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Not content with exploring Margate Caves Pop-Up Santa took himself off to Hartsdown Park to help with tree planting.

Here's our man outside the entrance to the caves. He has high hopes of a spectacular grotto for this Christmas. It's size almost matches his ego!!
more   Thu 17/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - Day 17 (first venue)

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Pop-Up Santa has gone to the Margate Caves to see if he can have them for his grotto. Great idea Santa but I don't think you'll be in luck.

Here is our daring-do Pop-Up Santa beside his favourite ship in Ramsgate harbour. The lifeboat. He's already had some fun on this in the past. (See earlier post).
more   Wed 16/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 16

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Today Pop-Up Santa is making his presence felt at Ramsgate harbour.

more   Tue 15/12/2020 - Virtual Santa

Strood - Come and visit Santa!

Beach hut Santa looks like he's come to make sandcastles. A riotous outfit, guaranteed to please the passers by.
more   Tue 15/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 15

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Today Santa was at Westgate providing Christmas cheer to walkers.

Pop-Up Santa is supposed to be helping to do some gardening work for the Sunken Garden Project. Looks more like he is fooling around in this picture.!!!
more   Mon 14/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 14

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Santa visited the Sunken Gardens at Westbrook to give some festive help to the project.

Yes they are woolly trees. All knitted by a local resident and her friends.
more   Sun 13/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey day 13 (second venue)

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Santa arrives at Minster to see their woolly trees.

Santa arriving at Margate Fire Station with some festive treats.
more   Sun 13/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 13 (first venue)

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Pop-Up Santa came bearing gifts to Margate Fire Station

Madder than box of frogs, here's Pop-Up Santa out to try out a vintage motor cycle and sidecar.
more   Sat 12/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 12

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Santa messing about with a motor cycle and sidecar

Here's the old boy on a real adventure this the Waterloo Tower at Quex Park
more   Fri 11/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 11 (second venue)

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Santa moves on to his second venue for a short visit.

Here's Pop-Up Santa doing what he always does when he's got an audience.. Posing as usual, this time at Quex Barn for the benefit of the shoppers.
more   Fri 11/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 11 (first venue)

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - The first venue was the crazy golf at Quex Park.(after a quick pose at Quex Barn for shoppers) And then he's off to scale some dizzy heights (see part two).

Here is our Pop-Up Santa who had been granted exclusive access to Dreamland for his photo shoot.
more   Thu 10/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 10

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Pop-Up Santa had a great day with a trip to Dreamland at Margate Seafront.

Well what do you think? Looks a bit of a show off. Of course, because he is. All dressed up as a Viking Father Christmas. Very Classy
more   Wed 09/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 9

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Pop-Up Santa has become a Viking on his trip to the Viking Ship at Cliffsend today

District members please log in for more information.

Santa descending to the outer harbour basin to check out his latest transport idea.
more   Tue 08/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 8

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Today Santa turned up at Ramsgate harbour, without his reindeer. Looks like he was checking out on some other kind of transport instead of the sleigh.

Here's Santa who's obviously been netting and caught a fish - well an inflatable one at least.
more   Mon 07/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 7

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Santa is today at Margate harbour arm

District members please log in for more information.

Volunteering opportunity at Medway's Covid-19 testing sites
more   Mon 07/12/2020 - Could You Be A Medway Hero?

Volunteering opportunity to help mobilise Medway's testing sites

more   Sun 06/12/2020 - Charity Xmas Food & Clothing Collections

Chestfield - Our annual event to collect food and clothing etc for those less fortunate than ourselves at Christmas

Here's Pop-Up Santa just about to enter the windmill at Drapers Mills. He'll be calling himself Windy Miller next.
more   Sun 06/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 6

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Santa popped over to check out Drapers Windmill and to get his long-suffering chief elf Caroline Winzer to take yet more pictures of him.

Here's Santa heading down to Botany Bay for another day of surprising passers by
more   Sat 05/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa Christmas journey - day 5

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Santa took himself off to Botany Bay

Here is Santa on his converted three wheeler. I suppose he could have put a red nose on the front and labelled it Rudolph.
more   Fri 04/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 4

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Santa decided to give the people of Minnis Bay a treat by racing his three wheeler along the promenade.

Here is the mystery place Pop-Up Santa visited today. But where on earth in Thanet is it?
more   Thu 03/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 3 (first venue)

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - A bit of a mystery this one. He's going into a building somewhere in Thanet - but where is it?

more   Wed 02/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 2

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Pop-Up Santa went to the Captain Digby Pub

Santa at the North Foreland Golf Club follies
more   Tue 01/12/2020 - Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 1 (second venue)

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - Santa moved on to a second venue on his first day's outing

District members please log in for more information.

Santa resplendent in his outfit trying to outdo the famous statue of the lifeboatman at Margate Main Sands
more   Tue 01/12/2020 - Pop Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 1 (first venue)

Isle of Thanet Sunrise - IOTS Pop up Santa at Margate main beach causing a stir

more   Sat 07/11/2020 - Rotary Club of Ashford Kent Charity Auction

Ashford - Rotary Club of Ashford Kent Charity Auction

Purple for Polio: Michel indicates that children vaccinated  for polio have a finger marked with purple dye
more   Thu 29/10/2020 - Update on Polio from Michel Zaffran

South Foreland - The Rotary Club of South Foreland hosted a zoom meeting for District 1120 to hear an update on polio from Michel Zaffran, Director of the World Health Organisation's Global Polio Eradication Initiative

more   Fri 16/10/2020 - YOUTH AWARDS

Bromley - Do you know a young person who has done something great to help the community?

more   Fri 02/10/2020 - Silent Auction: Now completed

South Foreland - The SILENT AUCTION is NOW COMPLETED and raised £1,141 for the Citizens' Advice Bureau and other local charities. Thanks to all who supported the Silent Auction

more   Tue 22/09/2020 - Flying Rotarian Adventure

South Foreland - On 16th September the Rotary Club of South Foreland hosted a zoom meeting for Rotary Clubs in the Cinque Ports area. They were entertained by a fascinating talk from George Ritchie, a Flying Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Westminster

more   Tue 08/09/2020 - Stuart Climbs Ben Nevis

South Foreland - To mark and celebrate Stuart's tremendous achievement for charity over the past five months, club members and supporters witnessed his final climb to reach the summit of Ben Nevis.
more   Mon 31/08/2020 - End of our Online Silent Charity Auction. Hurry! grab yourself a bargin ..On Until ...

Herne Bay - Quality items, vouchers, experiences of any description urgently Our online charity auction in aid of Porchlight is ON NOW! Click Event Details for the link to the auction site or click on link below in "About Us" section ..

Past President presenting a cheque to the Michael Yoakley Charity
more   Tue 04/08/2020 - Presentation to Michael Yoakley Charity

Margate - Beverley Aitken, past President of Rotary Club of Margate presented the Charity with a cheque for £750.

more   Fri 10/07/2020 - Rotary Club of Medway Art Gallery

Medway - Local amateur dyslexic artist Jeff Fray has kindly donated the these fine examples of his work to raise funds for Children's Hospice Holidays. The paintings are 18" x 14" acrylic paint on canvas board.

Sue on right receiving certificate from Pat
more   Wed 01/07/2020 - Gardens Competition

Chestfield - Club members showed off their garden handy work during lockdown.

View Hotel
more   Sat 27/06/2020 - Charter Night

Sovereign Harbour - Celebration of the formation of the club

more   Tue 28/04/2020 - Helping Dover Foodbank

South Foreland - President Janet's charity for her year in office is Dover Foodbank. Check to see what she and the club have done.

more   Sat 25/04/2020 - Well done Keith and well done 'The Upbeats'.

Erith - Well done Keith, you made it!

more   Fri 03/04/2020 - Who dun it? - our popular annual Murder Mystery Dinner

Medway Sunlight - An evening of super sleuthing in great company and with a two course dinner !

more   Wed 01/04/2020 - Stuart Earl Memorial Bowls POSTPONED

Bexhill - Was due to be hosted by Senlac Rotary Club at Egerton Park Indoor Bowls Club. More information when we have it.

more   Thu 26/03/2020 - Minster Rotary Club Raid!! - Cancelled

Chestfield - This has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak, to be rescheduled later in the year.

more   Thu 26/03/2020 - Music Man Spring Concert - Medway & Maidstone

Medway Sunlight - Our musicians overcome extraordinary challenges every day, and part of our 'mission' is to help them show what they can achieve, what they can offer and what they can teach us all. You cannot fail to be inspired!

Foundation Qualifier
more   Wed 25/03/2020 - Foundation Global Grant Qualifying Workshop

This Workshop will now be held on line

World Water Day
more   Sun 22/03/2020 - World Water Day

Recognising the importance of water to our world

more   Fri 20/03/2020 - Pig Race !

Medway Sunlight - Our last Pig Race was so well received that we are holding another one - come along , we will have you squealing! Friday 20th March - 7:30 for 8pm start.

more   Fri 20/03/2020 - Walk 4 Water 2020 - Scaled Back Event

Chestfield - Due to the Coronavirus outbreak the events organised for this fundraising event have been scaled back. We are very grateful to all the schools for their ongoing support.

more   Fri 13/03/2020 - Technology Tournament

Strood - The 3rd Rotary Club of Strood Technology Tournament

more   Sat 07/03/2020 - Shuffleboard Evening

South Foreland - The Annual Shuffleboard Evening takes place at St Margaret's Village Hall on Saturday 7th March 2020 at 7.30. Come along to an evening of fun and fundraising

Foundation Qualifier
more   Mon 02/03/2020 - Foundation Global Grant Qualifying Workshop

This Workshop at Blackstock Farm near Eastbourne will, by your attendance, qualify your Club to apply for a Global Grant in the next 12 months.

more   Sat 22/02/2020 - Quiz time!

Medway Sunlight - Our quizzes are always popular so get in quick for our next one on Saturday 22nd February 2020 in aid of Beams.

more   Tue 11/02/2020 - Murder Mystery Evening

South Foreland - On 31st January a Murder Mystery Evening was held at the Marina Hotel Dover to raise funds for Demelza Hospice Care for Children. Organised by Robin Dodridge, it was attended by 70 guests who were entertained by the Gumshoe Theatre Company

Mercure Maidstone Great Danes Hotel
more   Tue 11/02/2020 - District Council

Location and times to be advised

more   Sat 08/02/2020 - Charity Rock'n'Roll Dance

Strood - Rotary Club of Strood presents Danny Fisher

more   Sat 08/02/2020 - QUIZ NIGHT

Bromley - Tables of six. Tickets £12.50 which includes Fish & Chip supper. Proceeds to support Freddie Farmer Foundation and other Rotary Charities.

more   Wed 05/02/2020 - Young Photographer Competition

South Foreland - The Presentation of Certificates to the winners of the Junior Competition took place on 29th January. President Janet with Noah Elliott who was in first place

more   Tue 04/02/2020 - Fundraising lunch for the Nepalese Parkinson's Disease Association

Medway Sunlight - Sunlight Rotary is pleased to advertise this on behalf of Parkinson's UK in Medway.

Your Foundation
more   Tue 04/02/2020 - Foundation Global Grant Qualifying Workshop

An overview of The Rotary Foundation and how to apply for and manage a Global Grant

more   Mon 03/02/2020 - Fundraising Meal - Monday 3rd Feb 2020

Medway Sunlight - Our popular fund raising meals continue at Taze fine Cuisine in Chatham - come and join us for a great meal in great company!

more   Sat 01/02/2020 - Winners of Rotary Young Chef Competition 2019/20

Chestfield - We had 18 youngsters taking part in this years event - a great result. We wish the two going forward to the District Heat on 1st February 2020 all the very best.

more   Thu 30/01/2020 - 'Rotary Club of Erith Young Citizen of The Year Award'.

Erith - An evening of celebration!

more   Fri 24/01/2020 - YOUTH AWARDS 2019-20

Bromley - Recognising young people’s outstanding contribution to the community.<br><br> Report on the Award Presentation Ceremony.<br><br>

RIBI template websites
more   Sat 18/01/2020 - RIBI Template Websites

Learning all about club RIBI template websites

Rotary Websites Workshop
more   Sat 18/01/2020 - Rotary Websites Workshop (3)

Learning about DMS and Rotary Club Central

more   Wed 25/12/2019 - Christmas Lunch for the homeless and those on their own at Christmas

Medway Sunlight - We once again will be providing a Christmas Dinner, company, clothing, a take out pack and even a haircut for those who are alone at Christmas.

more   Fri 20/12/2019 - Santa's Sleigh

Bexley - Santa's Sleigh - Bexley (Helped by Bexleyheath Air Cadets plus club)

more   Thu 19/12/2019 - Santa's Sleigh

Bexley - Santa's Sleigh - Bexleyheath (Helped by 4th Bexleyheath Scouts)

more   Wed 18/12/2019 - Santa's Sleigh

Bexley - Santa's Sleigh - Welling (Helped by Greenwich & Bexley Hospice)

more   Tue 17/12/2019 - Santa's Sleigh

Bexley - Santa's Sleigh - Welling (Helped by Welling Round Table)

more   Mon 16/12/2019 - Santa's Sleigh

Bexley - Santa's Sleigh - Welling (Helped by East Wickham Scouts)

more   Fri 13/12/2019 - Santa's Sleigh

Bexley - Santa's Sleigh - Welling (Helped by 1st Welling Scouts)

more   Thu 12/12/2019 - Santa's Sleigh

Bexley - Santa's Sleigh - Welling (Helped by Welling Air Cadets)

more   Wed 11/12/2019 - Santa's Sleigh

Bexley - Santa's Sleigh - Welling (Helped by 1st Welling Scouts)

more   Tue 10/12/2019 - Santa's Sleigh

Bexley - Santa's Sleigh - Welling (Helped by Greenwich & Bexley Hospice)

more   Mon 09/12/2019 - Santa's Sleigh

Bexley - Santa's Sleigh - Bexley (Helped by Bexley Scouts)

2019-12-09 00:00:00
more   Sun 08/12/2019 - Santa's Sleigh

Bexley - Santa's Sleigh - Hall Place

more   Fri 06/12/2019 - Santa's Sleigh

Bexley - Santa's Sleigh - Bexleyheath (Helped by 5th Bexleyheath Scouts)

more   Thu 05/12/2019 - Santa's Sleigh

Bexley - Santa's Sleigh - Bexleyheath (Helped by 8th Bexleyheath Scouts)

Rotary Websites Workshop
more   Sat 30/11/2019 - Rotary Websites Workshop

Learning about DMS and Rotary Club Central

more   Wed 20/11/2019 - Yellowmen of Kadongdong - Global Grant Sought

Senlac - At the club’s meeting on Wednesday, 20th November Yellowmen co-ordinator Eddie McCall gave a presentation about the Global Grant for which an application is now being prepared.

more   Sat 16/11/2019 - Tenors Un Limited

Bexhill - The tenors donated part of the proceeds to the Club's Projects. See report below.

more   Sat 16/11/2019 - District Executive

Meeting of the District Team

more   Fri 15/11/2019 - Children In Need 2019

Ashford - Members collecting for BBC Children In Need at Ashford International Station

more   Tue 12/11/2019 - Fundraiser for The Yellowmen of Kadongdong

Senlac - The Rotary Club of Senlac Fundraiser at Shiplu Tandoori Restaurant

Rotary Websites Workshop
more   Sat 09/11/2019 - Rotary Websites Workshop

Looking at DMS and Rotary Club Central

more   Fri 08/11/2019 - Quiz Night at The Pelham

Bexhill - General knowledge team quiz at The Pelham Community Hub, Sidley, Bexhill-On-Sea TN40 2DD.

more   Mon 04/11/2019 - Members Evening

Medway Sunlight - Come and find out about Rotary !

more   Fri 01/11/2019 - Bingo!

Medway Sunlight - A first for us as we run a bingo session at Atlas Place on St Mary's Island in aid of the Alzeimer's Society - come and have some fun!

more   Fri 01/11/2019 - Senior Citizens Tea Party

Bexhill - A wonderful time was had by ALL.

World Polio Day
more   Thu 24/10/2019 - World Polio Day

Celebrating another milestone for the elimination of polio around the world

Global Scholars logo
more   Wed 23/10/2019 - District Global Scholars Welcome

A Welcome get together for the incoming 1120 Global Scholars and their hosts hosted by our District

more   Mon 14/10/2019 - Fund Raising Meal

Medway Sunlight - We return to Naz's Rasoi for another feast of wonderful cuisine

more   Fri 11/10/2019 - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

Weekend residential programme for young people

Flyer for event
more   Thu 03/10/2019 - Mike Martineau Charity Fundraiser

West Wickham - Fundraiser in aid of Meningitis Now and deafPlus

Group Picture May 2019
more   Tue 01/10/2019 - Rotary Children's Hospice Holidays Presentation Dinner

Medway - You are invited to attend the Rotary Children's Hospice Holidays Family Holiday 2019 Feedback Session

more   Sun 29/09/2019 - Swimalong - 2019

Beckenham - This is the third year we have run this event and our chosen charity to benefit this year is the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

more   Sat 28/09/2019 - Sunlight Quiz

Medway Sunlight - THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO ATTEND OUR EVER POPULAR QUIZZES ! We had a great night and raised nearly £600 for the Nursing Memorial Appeal to train nurses in humanitarian and conflict nursing. WATCH OUT FOR OUR NEXT ONE - SATURDAY 22ND FEBRUARY 2020 !

more   Fri 27/09/2019 - Thank you for Coffee !

Medway Sunlight - Friday 27th September - Helping Saintara with their MacMillan Coffee Morning

Mercure Maidstone Great Danes Hotel
more   Wed 18/09/2019 - District Council Meeting

at the Mercure Maidstone Great Danes Hotel

more   Fri 06/09/2019 - CHARITY GOLF DAY - FRIDAY 6TH SEPT 2019

Chestfield - What a great day and thanks to everyone who took part and supported it we raised over £2100 for Charity.

more   Mon 26/08/2019 - Live Music By The Lake

Senlac - Featuring THE ROCKITMEN plus support

more   Thu 25/07/2019 - Music Man Project Summer Concert

Medway Sunlight - We happy to again support the Music Man Project for musicians with learning disabilities - fresh from their appearance at the Albert Hall!

more   Sat 13/07/2019 - District Executive

Meeting of District Team

more   Mon 08/07/2019 - Fund Raising Meal

Medway Sunlight - We return to the Jade Garden for what promises to be another fantastic Chinese meal whilst raising money for My Shining Star.

more   Mon 01/07/2019 - The Rotary Boccia Tournament 2019

South Foreland - The popular tournament for people with disabilities is an annual community event organised by local Rotary clubs in East Kent

more   Mon 01/07/2019 - Handover June 26th 2019

South Foreland - President Suzanne Taylor-Warren hands over to Incoming President Janet Dagys

more   Sat 29/06/2019 - St Margaret's Garden Safari 29th and 30th June

South Foreland - This fun weekend at the beautiful coast village of St Margaret's takes place on 29th and 30th June 2019 to raise money for Pilgrims' Hospices. Locations for Early Bird Tickets (only £5) now available until 22nd June.

more   Thu 27/06/2019 - District Handover

District Handover in Dover Town Hall

more   Fri 21/06/2019 - Quiz night!

Northfleet with Ebbsfleet Garden City - Come and test your brains at Northfleet with Ebbsfleet Garden City's quiz night at Shorne Village Hall! All proceeds to rotary charities and a bottle of wine each for the winning team of 6 to 8 persons. Bring your own drinks and nibbles. £5 per person

District members please log in for more information.

more   Sat 15/06/2019 - Ravensbourne river Clean

Ravensbourne - River wade and clean

more   Thu 06/06/2019 - Americana with Brian Cope & his Amigos

Bexhill - The Club at The Waterfront, 2 Marina Court Avenue, Bexhill-on-Sea TN40 1BN

Poster for event
more   Sun 02/06/2019 - Welcome Street party

Tenterden - Meet your Neighbours

Rotary International Convention in Hamburg 2019
more   Sat 01/06/2019 - International Rotary Convention

Rotary South East visits Hamburg, Germany

more   Thu 30/05/2019 - Gouda + 300 km

Bexhill - The Bexhill RC Team are due to finish their Cheesey Challenge

more   Sun 26/05/2019 - Gouda Cheesey Challenge for The Mozambique Disaster

Bexhill - The team are back with Cheese and a boost to Donations..

more   Sun 26/05/2019 - 2019 Dragon Boat Challenge

Medway Sunlight - This ever popular annual charity event takes place on Whitsun Bank Holiday Sunday at Basin 2 Chatham Maritime as part of the three day Food and Drink Festival.

Oakwood House Maidstone
more   Thu 23/05/2019 - District Council Meeting

Meeting of all clubs to hear reports & decide future events and policy

more   Thu 23/05/2019 - CHARITY GOLF DAY

Bromley - THURSDAY 23rd MAY ........................ Please help us to support many deserving causes … and have a great game of golf at the same time.

more   Sun 19/05/2019 - Family Cycle Ride

Have fun with the your family along the Crab & Winkle Way

more   Sun 19/05/2019 - Round the Houses

Hythe - Our annual community running event. This time with a new senior course measuring 5K

more   Fri 17/05/2019 - The Bluebell Walk

Eastbourne AM - Arlington Bluebell Walk - 17th May 10.00am to 5.00pm Raising thousands for various charities

more   Sat 11/05/2019 - Youth Speaks National Final

For teams that have qualified through the Area District and Regional competitions

more   Wed 08/05/2019 - St Margaret's Garden Safari Video

South Foreland - Gardens open in the beautiful village of St Margaret's near Dover

more   Sun 05/05/2019 - Island Run

Minster On Sea - The island run offers a 10K or 5K race or family fun run. A great annual event held on Sheppey Sea Front by Minster-On-Sea Rotary Club.

more   Sat 04/05/2019 - Beachy Head Lighthouse Walk

Eastbourne AM - Now in its sixth year, the annual walk around the lighthouse this year is on Saturday 4th May 2019.

more   Sat 04/05/2019 - Young Musician National Finals

Musicians who have qualified though the Area District and Regional competitions

more   Sun 28/04/2019 - Rotary Entertains - Norton Knatchbull School

Ashford - Rotary Entertains 2019

more   Sat 27/04/2019 - St George's Day Concert

North Downs, The - Now in its fifth year

District Assembly
more   Sat 27/04/2019 - District Assembly

Planning for all Club Officers for 2019/20

more   Sat 27/04/2019 - Young Chef National Finals

Culmination of the Young Chef Area, District and Regional competitions

more   Fri 26/04/2019 - The Medway Young Musicians

Organised by the Rotary Clubs of the Medway Towns

more   Fri 26/04/2019 - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

Residential weekend programme for young people

Thanet Schools and Colleges Artist's Festival 2019
more   Mon 22/04/2019 - My Special World (Margate)

Thanet Schools and Colleges Artist's Festival 2019

more   Thu 18/04/2019 - 16th Annual Golf Day

Sandwich - Annual Grand Invitation Golf Challenge Tropy

more   Sat 13/04/2019 - Know Your Blood Pressure Day

Strood - As part of the Know Your Blood Pressure Day, the Rotary Clubs in Medway will be hosting this at Hempstead Valley.

more   Fri 12/04/2019 - Pig Racing !

Medway Sunlight - A new event for our Club - come and try it! Raising funds for Head2Head Theatre and other Rotary supported charities

more   Sun 07/04/2019 - Regional Finals of the Young Musician Competition

Finalists from the District Competition will compete to see who goes forward to the National finals

Come and celebrate with some wonderful music in a beautiful venue in a pre Easter musical fantasia
more   Sat 06/04/2019 - Hooked on Flutes

Northfleet with Ebbsfleet Garden City - An evening of Classical and Popular Favourites played by three international flautists with piano accompaniment.

more   Sat 06/04/2019 - The London Welsh Male Voice Choir Saturday 6 Apr 2019

Canterbury, Forest of Blean - The London Welsh Male Voice Choir was performing again on Saturday the 6th April 2019 in the stunning Canterbury Cathedral.

more   Wed 03/04/2019 - Medway Little Theatre

Strood - Charity Preview of SOMEONE WHO'LL WATCH OVER ME

more   Mon 01/04/2019 - Monday 1st April: Nigel Poole, SOAS, University of London

Ashford - ‘Up the Hindu Kush without a Paddle’

more   Sat 30/03/2019 - Rotary Variety Performance

Medway - A Rotary Club of Medway production at Central Theatre, Chatham raising funds for Children's Hospice Holidays

more   Mon 25/03/2019 - Goat Lees Primary School - Rotakids Club

Ashford - Induction of the Goat Lees RotaKids Club

more   Sat 23/03/2019 - Quiz Night

Erith - This was our chance to support our fellow Rotarians at North Downs, in their efforts to raise funds for 'High Hopes For Children'.

The Rotary Foundation
more   Thu 21/03/2019 - Rotary Foundation Seminar

Learn all about The Rotary Foundation

more   Sat 16/03/2019 - Rotary Big Knit 2019

Fundraising Event

more   Sat 16/03/2019 - Young Chef Regional Finals

3rd Round of the Young Chef Competiotion

more   Sat 09/03/2019 - Youth Speaks District Final

Entrants from the local heats will compete to see who goes forward to the Regional Finals

more   Fri 08/03/2019 - Murder Mystery Night

Medway Sunlight - Another of our very popular fundraising nights - 6:30 for a 7:00pm start - in aid of dementia related projects in Medway and other Rotary supported charities.

Isle of Thanet's Grand Tea Dance
more   Sun 03/03/2019 - President's Grand Tea Dance

Ballroom and Vintage Entertainment

more   Sat 02/03/2019 - Young Musician District Final

Following the local Heats, to be completed by 21st January 2019, the District heat will take place to select our winners to go forward to the Regional Final

Aylesford School for D1120 President-elect Training Seminar
more   Sat 02/03/2019 - President-elect Training Seminar

Preparing incoming club presidents for the next Rotary year

more   Fri 01/03/2019 - MInster-On-Sea Pig Race

Minster On Sea - A great night of fundraising at Minster Working Men's Club

The Rotary Foundation
more   Thu 28/02/2019 - Rotary Foundation Seminar

Learn about The Rotary Foundation

more   Wed 27/02/2019 - Youth Speaks 2019

Bexhill - Our Public Speaking Competition at Claverham Community College, Battle.

more   Sat 23/02/2019 - BARN DANCE

Edenbridge and Westerham - DANCING TO THE ROYAL BOROUGH BAND WI Hall Edenbridge 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start

more   Sat 16/02/2019 - Quiz Night!

Medway Sunlight - Our first quiz of 2019 - always very popular so book now to secure your table !

Oakwood Hose Maidstone
more   Tue 12/02/2019 - District Council Meeting

Meeting or all clubs to decide future events and policy

more   Sat 09/02/2019 - Race Night

North Downs, The - at the Village Hall, Farningham

more   Fri 01/02/2019 - YOUTH AWARD CEREMONY

Bromley - A great evening ... click on DETAILS to read more.

more   Mon 28/01/2019 - Fundraising Meal

Medway Sunlight - Our popular meals return for 2019 - this time at the new Naz's Rasoi in Frindsbury Road, Strood.

more   Fri 25/01/2019 - YOUTH AWARDS CEREMONY

Bromley - Friday 25th January.

more   Sat 19/01/2019 - Shelterbox Quiz Night 19 Jan 2019

Canterbury, Forest of Blean - A very well attended annual fundraising event, held in the Tyler Hill Village Hall.

more   Fri 18/01/2019 - CHARITY RACE NIGHT

Bexhill - At Cooden Beach Sports and Social Club

more   Tue 25/12/2018 - Christmas Lunch for the homeless and those on their own at Christmas

Medway Sunlight - We are again providing a Christmas Day meal for all those unfortunate enough not to be able to spend this special time with their loved ones or friends. If you can help please donate to the link shown on this page.

Christmas Party
more   Sat 15/12/2018 - Chrismas Party

Minster On Sea - Come and join us for our annual Christmas Party.


Bromley - This year, Bromley residents kindly donated over £6,500 to the causes we support. .... *** THANK YOU ***

more   Sat 08/12/2018 - Tree of Light Appeal for Hospice in the Weald

Tunbridge Wells - Dedications will be placed on a Christmas Tree in the Pantiles and a bucket collection will be held over the three weekends before Christmas

The Santa's ready to start the parade around Sheerness
more   Sat 01/12/2018 - Santa Saunter

Minster On Sea - Come along and join hundreds of Santa's as they parade around Sheerness raising money for charity.

more   Tue 27/11/2018 - 55th Churchill Commemoration Dinner

Edenbridge and Westerham - TUESDAY 27TH NOVEMBER 2018 AT PARKWOOD GOLF CLUB

more   Mon 12/11/2018 - Monday 12th November - Kent Wildlife Trust

Ashford - Ian Rickards will be talking to us about the work of the Kent Wildlife Trust

more   Sat 10/11/2018 - Saturday 10th November - Gunpowder Treason & Blood!

Ashford - The Rotary Club Of Ashford - Murder Mystery Night

70th Celebrations
more   Fri 09/11/2018 - Club 70th Anniversary Celebration

Herne Bay - Venue: Marine Hotel, Tankerton.

more   Fri 09/11/2018 - Rotary Quiz Night

Sheppey, The Isle of - Sheerness East Working mans Club

more   Mon 29/10/2018 - Monday 29th October - Rachel Van Hoven from Porchlight

Ashford - Rachel talked about the work of Porchlight

more   Sat 27/10/2018 - Music Quiz

West Wickham - Music Quiz in aid of End Polio Now

more   Wed 24/10/2018 - Purple4Polio

Tenterden - Purple lighting of the Town Hall & St. Mildred's Church in Tenterden

more   Mon 22/10/2018 - Monday 22nd October - Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre

Ashford - Tony Boyd-Williams will be giving a virtual tour Of The Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre Stratford-Upon-Avon

more   Sat 20/10/2018 - District Enviromental Clean-up

Ravensbourne - Rotarians from The Ravensbourne club and other local clubs are cleaning up the River Ravensbourne at Ladywell Fields

more   Mon 08/10/2018 - Monday 8th October - Jo James

Ashford - Monday 8th October - Chief Executive Kent Invicta Chamber Of Commerce

more   Sat 06/10/2018 - General Knowledge Quiz

Ravensbourne - Saturday 6th October 2018 6.30pm for 7.00pm At St Joseph’s Hall 1 Orchard Road Bromley BR1 2PR

more   Mon 01/10/2018 - 1st October - Amanda Cottrell & the Induction of Winston Michael

Ashford - Our Special Guest Speaker Amanda Cottrell O.B.E & Former High Sheriff Of Kent & The Induction of Winston Michael

more   Sun 30/09/2018 - Charity Swimalong - 2018

Beckenham - Swimmers will attempt to swim a marathon in support of children in Need

2018 Charity beer Festival
more   Sat 29/09/2018 - Beer Festival

Langley Park - 2018 Charity Beer Festival

2018 Charity Beer Festival
more   Fri 28/09/2018 - Beer Festival

Langley Park - 2018 Charity Beer Festival

more   Sat 22/09/2018 - Pilgrims Hospice Night To Shine Sat 22 Sep,

Canterbury, Forest of Blean - Despite some rain the ‘Night To Shine’ fundraising walk was well attended. Thanks goes to all the Rotarians whose marshalling helped to make this event a success.

more   Fri 14/09/2018 - Crazy Golf Competition

Bexhill - International Fund (Fun) Raiser at The Stade Hastings.

more   Mon 10/09/2018 - Burmese Curry Night

Medway Sunlight - A sumptuous meal is in store for us all as Grace demonstrates her prowess in the kitchen.

more   Mon 03/09/2018 - Visit to T E Connectivity (formally Hellerman Deutsch)

Bexhill - Factory Visit and on to The Black Horse, Telham for a meal

more   Sat 11/08/2018 - Annual Beer Festival

Minster On Sea - An annual charity event, which brings the people of Sheppey together while raising funds for local and international causes.

more   Fri 27/07/2018 - Gilbert and Sullivan Soiree

Senlac - Join Mad Margaret’s Minstrels at their Gilbert and Sullivan Soiree (Friday 27th July)

more   Sat 07/07/2018 - Grand Cricket Tournament

Weald of Kent, The - in aid of Help for Heroes

Members of Team South Foreland with their two 'old bangers'.
more   Thu 05/07/2018 - Purple for Polio Grand Tour

South Foreland - The Rotary Club of South Foreland is taking part in the Purple for Polio Grand Tour from 21st - 24th May

more   Sat 23/06/2018 - Our next great Quiz

Medway Sunlight - Our quizzes are always enjoyed by those who attend - join us for a good evening's fun in aid of a great charity!

more   Thu 21/06/2018 - Charity Golf Day Raises £7,000

Bexhill - Cooden Beach Golf Club was the Venue for our friendly Golf Competition.

more   Sun 17/06/2018 - 26th Annual Senlac Classic Car Show & Country Craft Fair.

Senlac - See photographs from the day here

more   Thu 14/06/2018 - Breathe the Movie

West Wickham - Breathe

more   Wed 13/06/2018 - One Man, Two Guvnors

Strood - Charity Preview Performance of play at the Medway Little Theatre on Wednesday 13 June 2018 at 7.30pm

more   Thu 31/05/2018 - Bromley Rotary - Charity Golf Day

Bromley - Thursday 31st MAY Charity Golf Day at Langley Park Golf Club - Shotgun start at noon.

District members please log in for more information.

more   Sun 27/05/2018 - 5th Anniversary Charity Dragon Boat Challenge

Medway Sunlight - Returning for what promise to be another fun and successful day !

more   Wed 23/05/2018 - Purple 4 Polio

Bexhill - Bexhill Rotary Club's Entry for The Rotary Grand Tour departed from The Town Hall on the morning of the 23rd May. The Tour was completed and the team made it to Halifax.

The Trophy
more   Fri 18/05/2018 - Annual Golf Day 2018

Sandwich - Annual Golf Day 2018

more   Sun 13/05/2018 - Tea Party

West Wickham - In aid of Alzheimer Research UK

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