District Treasurer

Steve Chambers

District Secretary

John Dehnel MPHF

Public Image Team Leader

Les Aldrich PHF

Rotary Foundation Team Leader

Hugh Holden PHF

Membership Team Leader

Graham Martin

International Service Team Leader

Karl Flowers

Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG)

Rodney Spokes PHF

District Governor Elect (DGE)

David Morris PHF

District Governor Nominee (DGN)

Steve Howe PHF

Safeguarding Officer

Moira Penney PHF

District Trainer

Nigel Aaron PHF

Assistant District Secretary

Jackie Brame PHF

Environment Officer

Chris Davies


John Garley PHF


Bob McKinlay MPHF

Leadership Development & Training

David Lawrence

Community Team Leader

Bill Hill

Primary Webmaster

Ian Robinson MPHF

Public Relations

Les Aldrich PHF

Membership Database Officer

Mike Warrington PHF

Assistant District Treasurer

Mike Warrington PHF

Rotaract Officer

Jake Godding

Sergeant at Arms

Tim Tucker PHF

Independant Accounts Examiner

Eric Lennox

District Grants Sub-committee

Paul Dickinson

Council on Legislation

Geoff Blurton Blurton PHF

AG - Area 1

Colin Scott PHF

AG - Area 2

James Wood PHF

AG - Area 3

Joel Weaver

AG - Area 4

Gloria Heywood PHF

AG - Area 5

David Kendrick Kendrick PHF

AG - Area 6

Steve Howe PHF

AG - Area 7

Eddie Pearson

AG - Area 8

Bill Watson PHF

AG - Area 9

Ray Spare PHF

Youth Services (Competitions)

Alan Jukes PHF


Will Cowell

'What We Do' Main Pages:

District Conference is an annual event when Rotarians can get together with their Partners for a Sociable Weekend. This is an opportunity a bit of learning, a bit of eating, a bit of doing good AND A LOT OF FUN.


During the Rotary Year 2023-24, District 1070 will be organizing and running events to Celebrate the 100 Years of its existence. This group of pages will grow as 1st July 2023 gets closer.


This page has been created to allow co-ordination of District wide projects to share information and provide an avenue which clubs clubs can use to request help.


Integrated Communication Removes Boundaries


Range of Competitions first held at Club level with winners progressing to District level.


Welcome to the District 1070 Youth Projects. Here you can find information about the exciting range of Groups and Activities with which Rotary are associated. Do have a browse and see what’s on offer.


3 different Clubs make up Younger Rotary - Rotaract, Interact and Rota Kids


Every Rotarian brings valuable experience and skills to their club and, through their club projects, helps to improve the lives of those far less fortunate than ourselves.


How the District helps the Community. This page provides a link to the many projects managed by Rotary District 1070


Greta Thunberg observed that the vast majority of people she talks to agree entirely with what she says and then carry on as normal.


The work of the International Service Committee of District 1070.


The Foundation is the Rotary International Charity and is about helping Rotarians from all over the world to do good in the world whether at home or abroad.


The purpose of these pages is for the District Governor and Assistant Governors to provide information as they wish.


This page is mainly aimed at Rotarians but the information is not confidential so is viewable by non Rotarians.


Information about Rotary and our policies regarding aspects of compliance and of health & safety


This main page has various pages of interest below it including notes about towns in 1070, history of 1070 and others.


Being in One Rotary is a great way of making new friends and connections. It might sound like a bit of a cliché, but it’s true. We’re living proof. We’re not afraid to get stuck in and we’re never short on laughter. Ever.