District Governor

Alison Sutherland PHF

District Treasurer

Nicola-Jayne Holland

District Secretary

Stephen Brennan

Assistant Governor

Wayne Morgan

Assistant Governor

Mary Adams PHF

Assistant Governor

Christina Thorpe PHF

Assistant Governor

Brian Pippen PHF

Assistant Governor

Paula Pippen PHF

Public Image Team Leader

Maggie Hughes PHF

Rotary Foundation Team Leader

Alan Pitt

Membership Team Leader

Julian Pratt

Youth Service Team Leader

David Curtis PHF

Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG)

Peter Hamilton PHF

District Governor Elect (DGE)

Ray Bevan PHF

District Governor Nominee (DGN)

Wayne Morgan

Safeguarding Officer

Alan Thorpe MPHF

Assistant District Secretary

Bob Wilson MPHF

Environment Officer

Geoff Gunson MPHF


Wayne Morgan

Leadership Development & Training

Steve Jenkins MPHF


Jeffrey Hobden PHF

Community Team Leader

Philomena Dunkelman

Primary Webmaster

Ian Hughes PHF

Public Relations

Robert Lloyd

Grants Subcommittee Chair

Andrew Lane MPHF

Polio Plus Chair

Carol Whiteley MPHF

Rotary Fellowships Chair

Alan Thorpe MPHF

District Simplified Grants

Dan Griffiths

Shelter Box

Gareth Rees PHF

Alumni Officer

Steve Jenkins MPHF

Rotaract Officer

Robert Fry

Interact Officer

Gwenda Griffiths MPHF

Youth Exchange Officer

Eric Blackwell

Information Technology

Ian Hughes PHF

End Polio Now

Malcolm Hallewell MPHF

Data Protection Officer

Ian Hughes PHF


Gareth Rees PHF

DMS Officer

Ian Hughes PHF

Equality & Diversity

Jeffrey Perren

New Gen. Service Exchange

Elizabeth Davies

Compliance Officer

Mark Evans

Friendship Exchange

Angela FOOT

Kids Out Ambassador

Barry Jones PHF

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The District Continuity and Operations Teams are taking this outbreak very seriously and your safety and well being and our duty of care is of paramount importance to us.


Pages for completed or ongoing events/projects by clubs in District


Contains content from various District Leadership and Training Seminars