Walkden's Muranga Experience

Rotary Club of Walkden help a Massai primary school

 Walkden's Murang'a Experience

Our experience began 2001 when we met Dr Thiga Laban on a GSE visit. We worked with the Rotary Club of Murang'a to help the Sabasaba District Hospital, which is a small district hospital about 90 km North East of Nairobi. It serves some 60000 people from the surrounding area, many having to walk to the hospital for treatment. We supplied various items of surgical hardware and general items for use in the hospital, e.g. Peak Flow Meters, Tape Measures, Stethoscopes, Scissors, and Clamps, for Thiga to take home with him.

We then set about collecting more items of a specific nature, e.g. laryngoscopes and ophthalmoscopes. Murang'a Rotary Club then asked us to help in their own project, a Children's Rescue Centre catering for AIDS orphans, children maltreated by parents, and others who had been evicted from their homes or abandoned in strange far away towns. The children were thrown out because of disability and all were cared for in a 1 bedroom squat by a 21 year old girl, Elizabeth Kiarre.

Our collections took on a more diverse form and we started including in the crates toys, clothing, school books, pencils etc. In fact the last crate they received contained our most ambitious pieces of equipment in the form of a portable x-ray machine, and an electric Autoclave. In the crate we included, blankets, pillows, children's shoes, toys, and writing sundries. Such was the excitement in Murang'a that a special presentation ceremony took place, attended by a government representative, and trees were planted in honour of Walkden Rotary Club. 

We were then approached by Kanazawa South Rotary Club in Japan with a view to a Twinning Agreement, which we gladly entered into. During a visit we told the club about our work in Kenya. They asked if they could also help in any way and subsequently became our partners in the Rescue Centre Project specifically but they also had an interest in the hospital.

We are now a truly international, although small, Rotary Aid Agency, embracing England, Japan, and Kenya; all working in peace, love and harmony for the good of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Last year members of Walkden Rotary Club visited Kenya to view our project. This year Members of our Twin Club, Kanazawa South visited us on a goodwill visit, which we are hoping to reciprocate in 2008. Recent efforts have meant that the Rescue Centre now has 4 female goats that give milk for the children and soon there will be 30 chickens delivered to provide eggs. This may lead to a small business selling any surplus to help in funding the running of the centre by way of paying rents or school fees for the children to attend school. We have plans to continue supporting both the hospital and the centre and have recently paid to make improvements to the local Primary School classrooms, whilst the Worsley Rotary Club have bought new gates for the school.