Public Image (MO)

There is information here on the websites, social media and Rotary branding

Chair:  STAN KELLER (Chelmsford)

Editor 1240 news: STAN KELLER (Chelmsford)

Website Administrator: DAVID COPE (Chelmsford Phoenix)

Social Media development: PETER GREENE (Billericay)

The role of the committee is to enhance Rotary's public image and public awareness whilst also keeping Rotarians abreast of the news and changes that are going on. This is done through the Website, Social Media, P.R. and the District Magazine, 1240 news. The District Website uses the RIBI Template and encourages Clubs to also use the facility.

For a couple of years now Communications and the role it plays has grown in importance, particularly to the future of Rotary. PR and Communications endeavour to work closely with all committees to promote Rotary and increase membership.