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Quality Education Nepal - an opportunity to join an Australian initiative.

Imagine sending your children to a school where the teachers have no tertiary education and little training.  What education would they receive?  Yet that is the lot of most children of Nepal, the poorest country outside Africa.

Australian Rotary project "Quality Education Nepal" has been addressing this issue since 2011.  150 teachers have completed 3 years basic training (50 days) and are now receiving annual refresher training.  Another 150 have since been brought into the program, including an intake of 75 funded by a Rotary Foundation Global Grant project.

Training is delivered by LEARN (“Lifting Education, Advancing Rural Nepal”), an NGO established in 2014 specifically devoted to this program.  The trainers are experienced Nepalese teachers with Masters qualifications.  Their language, culture and knowledge of the curriculum allow them to deliver training more effectively and at far lower cost than any vocational exchange program - just US$15.50 per trainee day.  An MoU with the Department of Education ensures that the programs are aligned with government policy, with DoE staff actively involved in delivery.

To reach more teachers we need more Global Grant projects, each providing 50 days training for 70-80 teachers.  

If your club make even a modest commitment to a project over a three-year time-frame, you can help us reach many more teachers.  Please email to explore the possibilities.  Find out more at, watch the videos at, or visit us in the House of Friendship in Toronto.

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