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What happens when something goes wrong at a Rotary event?

Health and Safety information.

A number of risk assessment examples for typical Rotary activities have been posted on the Rotary GB&I website - "Resource Downloads". These risk assessments are offered as general guidance and should not be viewed as generic, as each assessment will need to be event and site specific. Detailed arrangements and method statements, as necessary,will need to be attached to individual assessments.

Rotary Club risk assessments should only relate to events that Rotary Clubs organise or control.  If Rotarians attend/support events that are organised by others, they should be covered by the risk assessment carried out by the organisers.  The Rotary Clubs involved in these events should establish that they are covered prior to the event and should ask for a copy of the risk assessment to see what has been assessed and if there are any potential problems for their members. 

What happens when something goes wrong at a Rotary event?
Following the death of a participant (member of the public) at a recent Rotary Club organised and managed event, it is considered appropriate to remind Clubs of the action to be taken following such an occurrence. General guidance may be found in the Rotary GB&I Health & Safety Policy booklet but our Insurers, Bartlett Group, have issued the following specific advice:
'If someone is injured at an event, Bartlett Group must be notified immediately and a written statement of the circumstances, together with any witness statements, provided within 14 days of the event
Do not admit liability at any stage and forward any correspondence to Bartlett Group unanswered
Do not acknowledge receipt of any correspondence received relating to a potential claim against Rotary
If you receive notification of legal proceedings against you, Bartlett Group must be informed immediately'
For further advice please contact Bartlett Group tel: 0113 259 3636
For advice contact: Rotary GB&
For claims contact: claimsRotary GB&

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