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 Rotary International  is still true to the values it had when started.  What has changed is the way we have adapted to deliver our support locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Communications in the 21st  century is very different to when Paul Harris founded Rotary in 1905. Our challenge is to use our natural intellect to harness the power of the digital channels to make them work for the good of Rotary.

Believing that education is investment that reaps rewards  we would like to encourage every District 1040 club to have a twitter and Facebook account and provide support so they know how to promote their events and engage with their potential new members.

The district magazine Rotary Horizons has been replaced by the District Newsletter, in digital form, so it can be emailed to every Rotarian in the District who has an email address. It can also be forwarded to any non-Rotarian that might be interested.

For instructions on how to set up a Twitter Account, click on Setting up a Twitter Account

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Rotary Promotional Videos

A selection of videos for promotional use


Resources for Clubs, Members and District officers

This is intended to be a list of resources, either as documents for download or links to relevant pages on the RIBI website.


District Magazine/Newsletter

The District Magazine in paper form has been replaced by a District Newsletter distributed by email


District Directory


Press Releases


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