Rotaract In the Thames Valley

Why Rotaract?

Join the global movement of young leaders taking action to build a better world. Exchange ideas with leaders in your community and mobilize your friends to develop innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing common challenges.

Rotaract is a Rotary sponsored service club of young people ages 18-30. It is part of a wider family of Rotarians and other youth partners which include Interact (ages 12-18) and RotaKids (ages 7-12). 

Rotaractors (Rotaract club members) serve their community, learn life and career skills and make friends around the world.

Interacting with various skillsets to develop and execute projects, support club members personal and professional development. Many of the skills learnt by Rotaractors help them develop their careers and find their passions.

Enabling them to exchange ideas to find innovative solutions to community (local and worldwide) challenges.

Exposure to different cultures expose Rotaractors to different ways of thinking, different customs and challenges, giving them a unique perspective on how to tackle issues of their respective communities.

In communities worldwide, Rotary, Rotaract and Interact members work side by side, from big cities to rural villages, to make meaningful positive impact.

Rotaract is built on a framework of fun, friendship & service. Rotaract clubs host social and professional development events and activities for its members.

Rotaractors form strong bonds with others all over the world.

Around the world there over 250,700 Rotaractors in nearly 11,000 clubs across 180+ countries worldwide.

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How are Rotaract Clubs run?

Rotaract Clubs can be community-based, or school (university or college) based. A school-based club draws its members from one school, university, or college, while a community-based club draws members from all over the community.

Members decide when, where and how long they meet to plan projects, have discussions, learn skills and have social activities.  Whether your club is based in a school or in your community, meetings can take place in person, online, or a combination of both.

Rotaract Clubs decide how to organise and run their own clubs, manage their funds, and plan and carry out activities and service projects that are important to their communities and members.  Don't worry if you have never done this before.  

Rotary clubs that ‘sponsor’ a Rotaract club offer guidance and support and work with your club as partners in service. To sponsor a club simply is a sign of commitment to guide, support and work with a new club as partners in service.

The clubs keep each other engaged, grow and learn together to better serve the community (locally and globally). Rotary members (Rotarians) can help turn Rotaractors ideas in action.

Are you interested in serving your community, having fun and developing your skills with like-minded friends?

For further information about Rotaract and how you can get involved get in touch by clicking here!

Around the world Rotaract is changing communities like yours.

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