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Membership is the lifeblood of the Rotary family. Without active and engaged members we would be unable to deliver the service in our programme and fulfil our overarching motto of Service above Self.

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Our Membership Team in District 1070 has 3 inter-related functions:

  • Member Attraction – helping existing clubs find new members,
  • Member Engagement – Supporting clubs in making the membership experience as relevant and interesting as possible, and
  • Extending the Rotary footprint – working with local clubs to establish new arrangements across communities.

The team is made up of membership champions for each Assistant Governor Area and specialists in each membership activity. 

But what are the benefits of Club Membership

  • involvement in Community Projects
  • involvement in Youth Projects
  • involvement in International Projects
  • Fund Raising to support the Projects
  • Social activities

  • And most of all having  

Down the right hand side are listed District, National and International activities for members to involve themselves in always remembering the MORE YOU PUT IN THE MORE YOU GET OUT.

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