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12 to 18 year olds - Interact

Interact clubs, sponsored by individual Rotary clubs, are youth clubs for 12-18 year olds. Every year, Interactors complete at least two projects in their communities, one of which is overseas, helping them build friendships and a better understanding with young people in other countries.

Club membership varies greatly. Clubs can be drawn from the student body of a single school or from two or more schools in the same community and can be either single gender or mixed.

Why should our Rotary club sponsor an Interact club?
Organising an Interact club is one of the most rewarding activities a Rotary club can undertake in its community. The Interact program gives Rotarians the opportunity to mentor dynamic young men and women who want to provide service in their communities and in the global community. Rotarians serve as resources for Interactors who will become tomorrow's parents, business professionals, and community leaders. In turn, an Interact club can bring new energy to a Rotary club, inspire fresh ideas for service, increase support to projects, and spread knowledge of Rotary into other sectors of the community. Interactors, with the experience they have gained through this Rotary program, make exceptional future Rotaractors and later Rotarians.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Interact, now offers volunteering opportunities, which count towards achieving the Volunteering section of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, which is given to young people for completing a range of ‘self-improvement’ activities. Interactors can carry on with their excellent social impact work in local communities whilst also completing their Volunteering section for their DofE. Click here to visit the D of E Site. You can download the D of E guidance notes by clicking here.

Non-Interactors who are participating in D of E activities can join in the volunteer project element of an Interact activity and, as we know, many hands make light work as well as opportunities for new friends and new Interact members. Both Rotary and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards offer inspiring opportunities for young people to explore new skills and shape their own future. By working together, we are bringing like-minded people together to improve the lives of all involved. Non-Interactors must be of the same age group as Interactors (11-18 years) for insurance purposes. A consent form must also be signed by non-Interactors who participate in Interact activities to fulfil their Duke of Edinburgh award volunteering hours. Click here for the consent form


How do we make our Interact club "official?"
Once an Interact club has achieved a strong membership base, it must apply for a charter from Rotary International. Complete an Interact Club Certification Form (which should include contact information from the Interact club, signature of president of the sponsoring Rotary club, and signature of the district governor). See the Interact Handbook.

 Are Interact clubs always based at secondary schools?
An Interact club can be school-based or community-based. A community-based Interact club may draw members from several different schools. The Rotarian advisor must attend every meeting of a community-based club. A school-based club is subject to the policies and regulations governing all other organizations of that particular school. In most instances, a faculty advisor who may or may not be a Rotarian is appointed to work with the Interactors. In the case of a school-based club, the Rotarian advisor is only required to attend the Interact club's board meetings.

 I am interested in joining Interact but I am only 13 years old. I heard one has to be 14 to belong to an Interact club, is this true?
Interact is a service club for young people made up of members age 12-18 or secondary-school age. If the club you wish to join is school-based, it must accept and abide by the rules your school establishes regarding membership. Therefore, all secondary-school students are eligible to become Interactors.

Do I have any financial obligations once I belong to an Interact club?
Dues, if any, should be minimal; money for projects and activities should be raised through club activities. However, inquire with your district chair as to any district dues that may be applicable in your area.

How can I find out if there are any active Interact clubs in my area? The Interact Clubs in the District can be seen by clicking the box at the right. Or you can contact your local Rotary club, or the district Interact chairperson Rtn Gwenda Griffiths via the contact box below.

You can download further information on Programmes for Young People including a pack of useful documents on Interact and Rotakids (including a poster) by clicking Here (you will need to Log In).

Click here to download an Interact consent form

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