The District Directory is now kept ON LINE, and depends on CLUBS keeping it complete and up to date by maintaining accurate details of their own officers on-line. The new Data Management System (DMS) is now up and running and can be accessed via the DMS button on the members page, however access is only via the login details used for the RI/RIBI websites. If you login using the "Click here to login with your RI details" link on the login page, you get access to all the sites, whereas if you use the old template login, you only have access to template sites and need to login again for the RIBI and DMS sites.

A pdf version of the District Directory 2017-18 is available in the Members Only Section. This can be accessed by logging in through Club or District websites, even if your Club does not use the RIBI template, provided you are registered on the D1040 system. The Directory will be available in the "DISTRICT Members Only" page. However, it is extracted from the DMS On-Line Directory, so still depends on Clubs keeping their own records up to date. It will be updated around the turn of the month in an effort to help those who prefer not to use the DMS facility themselves.

You can go directly to the relevant page by clicking on Directory Link, but will need to log in to access it .