ShelterBox Disaster Response

Clubs throughout District 1090 are keen supporters of Shelterbox and respond in times of need in addition to contributing to this award-winning charity on a regular basis.

The ShelterBox scheme provides practical assistance to people all over the world who suffer from natural disasters such as earthquake, fire and flood. ShelterBox also plays a significant role in areas of conflict. Boxes containing a shelter and vital survival equipment are flown to the area, usually accompanied by a small Shelterbox Response Team (SRT). Deployments are carried out with local and International NGOs. Using the global network of Rotary Clubs ensures aid is efficiently and rapidly delivered to those most in need.

The scheme was originated by the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard in Cornwall, but is now an official Rotary International Partner that carries the Rotary emblem across the world. There are also affiliated ShelterBox groups in other parts of the world, all working closely with HQ in Cornwall.

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Promote Shelterbox in your area

Young ShelterBox is a popular charity with schools and Scout groups, with special educational resources for teachers and Scout leaders on ts own web page.

Clubs wishing to borrow the Shelterbox promotional material can now do so from a point near to home, by clicking on the green box and downloading the information sheet.

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ShelterBox Disaster Response pages:

Shelterbox Monthly Response Summary

more Links to the Monthly Response Summaries published by Shelterbox

Morocco and Libya Response

more Latest news from Shelterbox

Partnership in Action - Türkiye & Syria earthquakes

more Shelterbox and Rotary working together

Haiti Earthquake

Earthquake rocks Haiti

more Shelterbox sends team after powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocks Haiti. Tropical Storm Grace approaching, bringing strong winds, floods and risk of mudslides.

Rotary in action

Earthquake in Nepal

more As the full horror of the devastation emerged daily, it was clear that help was desperately needed as after-shocks caused more death and destruction.

Isabelle's friends with James Lang, President of Windsor & Eton RC at the Oakfield School Bring & Buy

Eight year-old Isabelle raises funds for ShelterBox

more Isabelle Mayhead aged 8 of Oakfield School has organised a bring & buy sale at her school to raise funds for Rotary's ShelterBox scheme.

ShelterBox aid arrives in the Punjab

Clubs respond to Pakistan Flooding Disaster

more Rotary Clubs throughout the District have been quick to respond to the emergency in Pakistan

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Generators going to Hospitals in Ukraine

Generators for Ukraine

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Help for Afghan Refugees in our District

more Every Club is encouraged to make contact with their local Council and register to help Afghan refugees who may be housed in their locality.Let me know how Clubs are actually helping so I can share good initiatives for replicating elsewhere.

Marlow and Monrovia Unite to fight Ebola

Ebola Treatment and Prevention

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Rotary Doctor Bank

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The Rotary 'Box' Schemes

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International Service

back Our partnerships with communities and organisations overseas, providing safe water, promoting maternal and child health, responding to natural disasters and supporting those in conflict zones