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People raise money in many different ways. Some are completely crazy, some daring, and some very normal, but productive. Rotary Clubs are no different and our members set out to raise as much as they can from completing epic journeys to car boot sales, running up mountains to duck races, and many, many more ways.

Each year, Rotary Clubs in District 1070 raise and contributes significant funds to local, national and international good causes through a variety of fund raising initiatives. This takes all sorts of forms from sponsored walking and swimming, to dressing in funny costumes and joining in at the local carnival or fete. This is sometimes done in association with other organisations such as The Lions (as here Spalding, and South Holland Rotary Clubs joined with local Lions at the Spalding Flower Parade).

Earthquake Relief

Within two weeks of the Haitian earthquake disaster, the Rotary Club of Grantham had raised over £10,000 from public subscription, member donations and club funds to provide ShelterBoxes and tents as emergency relief.

On Top of the World

As part of his bid to back an international campaign to stamp out polio from the world for good, Melton Mowbray Rotarian, Richard Fisher, took the challenge to the top of the world in a three week sponsored trek to Everest.

Rotary District 1070 – Friendship and Fellowship

A party of 11 guests from the Rotary Club of Melle-Wittlage in Germany were entertained by Ashby de la Zouch Club and enjoyed an action packed weekend. The competitive spirit was well to the fore at the Stretton Karting Circuit, Leicester, on the Saturday morning and after a race of fortunately few serious incidents.

The Rotary Club of Lutterworth: A party of sixteen Lutterworth Rotarians visited Rolls Royce and had an extensive tour of their museum which showed the development of aero engines over the years from piston to jet. (suck—squeeze—bang and blow!).

The Rotary Club of Rusden – as well as having a cracking good evening of fellowship – raised a substantial sum of money by holding a ‘Back to the 40s’ evening. It was reported that, by the end of the evening, memories were getting a little vague about the event, but there is no doubt that an incredibly good time was had by all. The hall was decorated to look like a 1940s air raid shelter with red white and blue tablecloths, Union Flags for everyone to wave during the ‘Party’.

Oundle Rotary Club’s Charter Evening, what a night… great fun, great opportunities for socialising and something really different. Oundle Golf Club was turned into a mini Silverstone racing Circuit. A full scale model Scalextric was set up and budding Champions were invited to take turns racing around the Circuit as spectators cheered them on . It would have been very difficult to tell the age of most of the Rotarians in the room that night!!

Service Above Self

Rotary is often noted for significant international projects such as the struggle to Eradicate Polio from the world. However, Rotarians are also very active in their local communities. This takes many forms. Sometimes, it’s a case of raising the funds for someone else to undertake a social project, e.g. purchase of equipment for hospitals; assisting a young person to undertake an overseas trip or a study project; or providing funds for a children’s hospice towards the care of young people with life-limiting medical conditions. Sometimes though, it’s simply a case of rolled-up-sleeve Rotarianism with assistance at public events, providing helping hands to those in need, driving the community minibuses or even undertaking a physically demanding project on behalf of some who are less able to do this for themselves.

The Calvert Trust

For many years now, Rotary clubs in District 1070 have provided support and assistance so that local people who are less physically or mentally able can visit Calvert House at Bassenthwaite in the Lake District. Delegates are encouraged to take part in a range of physical activities which includes horse riding, fell trekking, abseiling and canoeing, as well as a range of social activities in the evening. Here we see a wheelchair bound delegate, assisted by one of the Trust’s permanent staff, abseiling down a vertical cliff face which would have been challenging enough for an able bodied person.

Active with Rolled up Sleeves

Rotary Clubs also serves the community in many practical ways, not just in fundraising. In response to a request, a Lutterworth Wycliffe Rotarian – a builder by profession – was recently able to obtain and fit a patio door from a local donor to the home of a housebound lady with severe mobility problems. The patio door allows her to access the rear garden of her home from which she had been excluded for sixteen years. Previously, her only access had been to go out of the front door and through the garage in her wheelchair. The lovely thing was, she didn’t know it was going to happen and come home after a day out to find it finished. She can now get herself outside unassisted and enjoys the sunshine and fresh air.

On a another occasion, hard landscaping was undertaken at the home of a young mother with a large family who had been tragically widowed and could not manage to maintain the family garden in a suitable condition to ensure her children’s safety.

Helping Young People

Rotary helps young people in many ways. Mock job interviews are held for those about to go into the world of employment; financial grants are considered to those who want to undertake humanitarian projects; training and management projects are organised and funded for others. All requests for help are carefully considered from young people. We also assist young people to achieve their ambitions to do things a little more out of the ordinary such as Education abroad.


Active at Fun Days

Rotary Clubs are active in many ways, whether it be marshalling for a town carnival, at events held by other charitable organisations, or at events which we organise ourselves.


Clubs regularly hosts groups of members from local ‘Gateway Clubs’ at the District fun day organised at Rockingham Castle. Clubs maintain continuing involvement with organisations such as Gateway in terms of providing transportation for Outings and for Christmas and other shopping trips. Here, one club’s favourite, Jilly, tries to win a goldfish in the ’Bag a Rotarian’ competition.

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