District / Global Grants

How to apply for a District or Global Grant

The approach being adopted by District 1070’s Rotary Foundation Committee is as detailed in the Club Manual. The Club Manual incorporates the procedures by which clubs can apply for help with projects, details of the training and the qualification that clubs are expected to undertake. 

  • All of the forms and documents you require for District/Global Grant applications are online and are accessed by links at the bottom of this page. The whole process starts with the completion by the Club President and President-elect of the online Memorandum of Understanding. The link to the MoU is available at the bottom of this page.
District Grants
  • Grants to support projects locally or overseas.
  • Total project value up to a few thousand pounds
  • No requirement for a partner club in the project’s location 
  • Must adhere to the 7 areas of focus
  • Reporting and publicity essential to ensure good stewardship of funds

Global Grants

Global Grants have the following characteristics:

  • Grants to support international projects
  • A Minimum of 2 clubs or Districts participating

  • A host Club or District local to the project location             
  • An International partner
  • Minimum project value will be $30,000
  • A minimum of 15% of the project cost donated by the International partner(s)
  • Must adhere to the 7 areas of focus
  • Must be sustainable
  • Must have Rotarian involvement throughout
  • Reporting essential to ensure good stewardship of funds
  • Clubs may wish to note that the separate countries of the United Kingdom count as separate countries for accessing Global Grants and thus a single grant can encompass an English club or District and a Scottish, Welsh or Irish District or Club / Global Grant Opportunities
  • From time to time we receive requests from Clubs and charities both at home and overseas to provide financial support for proposed Global Grant projects. These requests are recorded as Global Grant Opportunities in our database with links to the project details; we commend these projects to Clubs seeking service opportunities. Further advice is available from your Grants Team.
Grants General
Apply for a Grant
  1. Talk to the District Rotary Foundation Chairman (DRFC) Hugh Holden.
  1. Print and read the The Rotary Foundation Terms and Conditions Perhaps best to download and email this document to Club President, President Elect  and the International or Community Chairman.
  1. Download and read the District 1070 Foundation Club Manual
  1. For District Grants complete the online MoU Here by the end of June.
  1. For Global Grants complete the D1070 Global Grant Proposal Form

  1. View our videos for District Grants and Global Grants.

For further information we encourage clubs  to read The Rotary Foundation Terms and Conditions and the District 1070 Foundation Club Manual.   Clubs wishing to apply for District Grants, whether for projects in their local communities or overseas, must complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Proposal for their grant projects by the end of June each year. For more information on Rotary Foundation grants talk to the District Rotary Foundation Chairman (DRFC) Hugh Holden. 

Global grants have no set time scale, but as we have limited funds to support these grants, please ensure you talk to Hugh about your thoughts early on, and keep us updated as to your plan's progress and complete a D1070 Global Grant Proposal Form (this form does NOT form part of the formal TRF application but is put in place purely for D1070 purposes to ensure that an adequate sum of DDF is reserved to fund your project). 

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