Health and Safety

Safety issues concerning the organisation of Club and District Events

District Health & Safety Officer: Stephan Stephan

As Rotarians, we can have fun in a responsible way so long as we plan our events sensibly. We all have a duty of care for the Health & Safety of ourselves and others. Furthermore, in order to secure Rotary GB&I insurance cover, clubs are required, in the event of a claim, to demonstrate that they have undertaken H&S Risk Assessments and are managing all H&S aspects of events organised, including Protection, where applicable.

Clubs are increasingly trying new ways to raise funds and / or get involved in the local community. H&S Seminars / Surgeries for District 1090 Clubs are held regularly to offer Club H&S officers, Committee Chairs and all those involved in H&S in any way an opportunity to share and learn from each other.

Resources to help Clubs plan successful events are now available through the Related Pages on the right hand side. These include presentations given at H&S and Protection Seminars, Insurance details and templates for Risk Assessments. Good examples of H&S templates and Risk Assessments of various Club activities will continue to be uploaded on this website for guidance, as and when these become available. Please keep them coming! Thank you.

Download Rotary GB&I Health and Safety Policy Statement


Confirmation of Insurance Documents 2015-16, Rotary GB&I Compliance Statement

Complexities of Compliance Presentation from October 2017 seminar

In an increasingly litigious society, it is important that all Rotary Clubs comply with the law to avoid any loopholes being exploited to negate our Insurance. Please see the latest forms from brokers, Bartlett and Rotary GB&I, available for download from the Insurance page

Health and Safety pages:

Risk Assessments: Examples of Good Practice

more Some examples of risk assessments tried and tested by clubs for a range of activities

RIBI H&S Risk Assessment Form - Template

more Blank form to assist in compiling a Risk Assessment of a Club activity or event Updated November 2013

Bartlett Insurance

RIBI Insurance and the Rotary Club

more Make sure your club activities and events run smoothly, safe in the knowledge that you are adequately covered by insurance.

H&S and Risk Assessments: Getting Started

more Doing a Risk Assessment need not be onerous. Just think of all the things that are a possible hazard and how you can reduce the risk.

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Complexities of Compliance

The Complexities of Compliance

more Rotary District 1090 compliance presentation to clubs October 2017 Keeping our Rotary activities compliant with current legislation


more The Protection and Safeguarding of children and adults who may be vulnerable, is a paramount concern for every Rotarian.

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