This programme is aimed at the personal development of young people.


Rotary Youth Development Under Sail

in partnership with Ocean Youth Trust North

WE ARE SEEKING 4 VOLUNTEER MENTORS for 2018 who are interested in giving support to a young person?

The Mentor’s role is to accompany the Awardees on one of the 4 voyages in 2018. To support the awardees during the week. This will enable the crew to concentrate on the Sail Training and personal development.  A Mentor’s training day is planned for March 2018 Please contact Trevor Woodward to register your interest.

District 1040 Project Officer Trevor Woodward


This programme is aimed at the personal development of young people.  Awardees who have been selected and sponsored by their local Rotary Club are engaged through a 6 day residential Sail Training/Work experience during a voyage at sea.

Sail Training with Ocean Youth Trust North requires participants to confront many challenges, both physical and emotional.  It is an activity that inspires self-confidence and the acceptance of personal responsibility, promotes the acceptance of others whatever their social or cultural backgrounds and develops a willingness to take controlled risks.  For most it is a positive life changing experience.

Young people who would gain most from this experience are often those who can least afford it.  Sponsorship from local Rotary Clubs allows those, who otherwise would be unable to participate, benefit from this life changing experience

Sailing Dates for 2018

Week 1: James Cook will be participating in the Tall Ships voyage 5th – 12th August.Awardees arrive at the Royal Quays , North Shields Saturday 4th August as a group to travel to Holland escorted by a responsible adult by ferry.  The Awardees will join the James Cook in Harlingen on the 5th August to sail back to North Shields.
           Age group 16 +   Cost  £570 + approximate cost for travel £100

Sailing from North Shields

 James Cook  Week 2: 13th-18th August

   Week 3: 20th-25th August

   Age Group 14-17 years

    Cost £570 per awardee


OYT North - Key Stage 2 Expeditions

Transition Programme for Primary Schools

Building resilience, independence and self-confidence in young people who are about to move from primary to secondary education.  Aimed at supporting pupils who are making the transition from primary to secondary school.

The following documents can be downloaded;-