Otley School ShelterBox event

Students with one of the ShelterBox tents they helped put up. Organised by teacher Michelle Lister, the event also included input from Rotarians

DG Keith Davison and Rtn David Henderson, of RC Otley Chevin, had 120 Year 9 pupils in two groups of 60 for 2 hours each. They were then split into groups of 10 and each group of 10 erected a tent under guidance from Rtns Tony Jordan (Thirsk) and George Garland and Bryan Ayton (Skipton Craven) with Jennifer Henderson standing in for Bryan after he went. The groups not erecting were split further into groups of 5 and did the "who get's the last tent?" exercise with the votes splitting mostly between family 1 and the field hospital. Keith and David kept an eye on the latter activity.

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