Rotary Peace Fellows

Information for applicants and for Rotarians about the Rotary Peace Programme

Has your Rotary Club found a potential candidate for a Rotary Peace Fellowship?

Are you considering applying yourself?  

Please work through the questions below, which might help you to decide whether/when/how to proceed. To download a flowchart of the questions below, click here.

1.     Is the candidate a Rotarian (active or honorary), a close relative of a Rotarian, (or has been such a person in the preceding 36 months), or an employee of a Rotary entity? If the answer to any of these is Yes, then the candidate is not eligible for the masters programme, but may apply for the professional development programme (3-month course) subject to conditions.

2.     Does the candidate hold a bachelors degree or other, strong, academic achievement (detailed academic history will be explored by the Academic Directors of the Peace Centres and is, thus, outside the remit of a Rotary Club or District)? If Yes, then proceed to:

3.     Does the candidate speak and write English well enough to undertake an academically demanding programme of study? If Yes, then proceed to:

4.     Does the candidate understand that a Rotary Peace Fellowship is not simply a source of further education funding but, rather, is a commitment to long-term service? If Yes, then proceed to:

5.     Does the candidate have the relevant work experience:

a.     For masters degree 3 years, paid or unpaid?

b.     For professional development certificate 5 years and current full-time employment in a mid- to upper-level position?

Although these requirements are a bit flexible, the broad principles are not. Unless a candidate is close to being able to say Yes, then he/she should be advised to wait until suitable experience can be demonstrated.

6.     Does the candidate exhibit a strong commitment to international understanding and peace, demonstrated through professional and academic achievements and personal and community service? (Another way of addressing this question might be to ask if the Rotary Club would be proud to be associated with the candidate in the long term?) If Yes, then go to the Rotary Foundation website at for a downloadable application form. Expect it to take several weeks before the application is ready for submission, so dont leave it too late; applications should be submitted by 1 July of the relevant year.

If the answer to any of the questions from 2 to 6 above is No, then the candidate is not yet ready, or not qualified, or not suitable for proposal as a Peace Fellow.

If, when you have worked through the questions above, you still need information, then please contact the District Peace Fellows Officer, Jim Staton, whose contact details can be found from the District webpage but only if you are logged in!

For general information about Peace Fellows at the University of Bradford, go to: