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The new Rotary Year 2013-2014 has brought significant changes to the structure of the Rotary Foundation and by now all clubs in District 1040 should have received information about the new Rotary Grants model. 

The Rotary Foundation has devolved the management of grants to Districts throughout the world but still retains a weather eye.  As part of this process fundamental changes have been made to previous programmes supported by the Foundation. For example, Group Study Exchange has been removed and the name Ambassadorial Scholars has been replaced by a new category known as Rotary Scholarships.

Rotary Scholarships within District 1040 now takes on a completely new format, details of which may be found by following the appropriate links in Educational Programmes.

Essentially, under the new format Districts and Clubs will need to fund future scholarships through District and Global Grants with the support and management of the District Foundation Grants Committee.  However, there will still be a Rotary Scholarships Sub-Committee as part of the District Foundation.

Click here to download information about Global Grants Scholars' Duties and Responsibilities. Please not that this information has been updated as at 14 May 2016.

The Rotary Scholarship remit is also broadened to include short term placements as well as multiple year sponsorships and scholarships attached to projects. Applications for funding support may be made through the District Grants Committee, with substantial funding from the sponsor club. District Grants are awarded to a maximum of 1000.

Note: The Peace Fellow programme will continue to be funded centrally by the Rotary International Foundation.

For further information please contact the District Scholarships Officer, David Hirst.


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