Directories, Club Secretary support, Finance, Compliance, Club & District Admin, Rotary websites help documents

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Club Secretary Support

Club Treasurer Support

  • Online forms for Foundation giving, Gift Aid and Insurance
  • Duties and Subscriptions 2017-18
  • Information sheets and manuals
  • Useful Links

Compliance, Club & District Support

  • Club and District Administration / Policies
  • Club area groupings and info regarding allocated Assistant Governors
  • Compliance
  • Membership

Rotary websites help - Template website & Rotary International

  • Website support

Managing Rotary Databases

  • RI and District website databases

Rotary GBI Insurance Newsletter

  • Our insurance brokers Bartlett's will be producing on a regular basis an Insurance Newsletter for clubs which will provide helpful links to resources, reminders of insurance cover levels for various activities, policy renewal plans, etc.  The first of such newsletters is now available on the RIBI website here 
  • You will need to be logged in to the RIBI members area to read the Newsletter, the link above will take you to a login page.