Update No 3 Motor Neurone Disease Appeal

Rotary in Yorkshire has launched an appeal to help the Motor Neurone Disease Association provide essential equipment to patients without long delays.

This year, I revisited the Marie Curie Centre in Bradford which looks after people with terminal illnesses. I discovered that they had a clinic for anyone living with Motor Neurone Disease in the Bradford Area. They can see all their health care professionals in one setting. One of the most difficult things for people with MND is to bathe safely in their own homes. The clinic had pinpointed a suitable chair but the funds were not available. Clubs in the Bradford Group area agreed to finance the purchase of this chair. So now people can bathe whilst attending the clinic. This has made a difference to the quality of their lives. A second piece of equipment they required was a Standing, Transfer and Toileting Hoist. This is an all singing, all dancing hoist that helps to position and stand patients who are immobile. It relieves pressure areas and helps people who do not have sitting balance. Thanks to the Bradford Clubs and a matching grant, we can now purchase the second chair. Clubs have found different ways to raise money. Jazz Nights, Brass Band and Christmas Concerts also Ice Bucket Challenges and many more. Malcolm Bayliss of Bingley Airedale, risked life and limb on three long distance cycle rides. I must thank Sally and Katie, daughters of Chris Binns. They put Malcolm’s ride on the “Just Giving” site. People contacted the site and made donations. His first two rides made hundreds. With their input, his last ride made thousands. David who accompanied Malcolm, sent me this photograph of an accident that Malcolm had on his latest ride. David Goldie and Kevin Wharton of the Skipton Club cycled from Skipton to Scarborough. They dedicated their ride to Chris, a lifelong friend of David. They also have a “Just Giving” site. A big thank you to all Rotarians and friends for your support in this District Project. I will spend your money wisely   Chris Binns and Rob Hayes, members of Bingley Airedale died, earlier this year From Motor Neurone Disease.

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David & Kevin

From Skipton to Scarborough for MND

Skipton Rotarians David Goldie and Kevin Wharton are cycling from Skipton to Rotary District Conference in Scarborough to raise funds for the local Motor Neuron Disease (MND) charity.


Jan 2015 Update

Extract from Committee Report


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