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Nepal Earthquake 2015
Nepal Earthquake 2015

The District International Resource Group wish you a successful and enjoyable Rotary Year, and welcome you to the Committee pages of our District Web site.

Within the current committee we have a wealth of expertise in international projects.  Please contact the committee if you require advice or assistance with a project as we are a District resource and are delighted to assist.  We are also pleased to come and present to your Club as a speaker on international topics , Sand Dams,  Mary's Meals, Micro-Finance, DisasterAidUK, Rotary Shoebox, Jaipur Limb & Hope & Homes.

Our District Web Site, along with those of RI and RotaryGBI, provides a very valuable resource in choosing projects and taking them forward, as well as keeping us informed of what Rotary is doing in World Community Service, of which our own local club projects are an integral part, no matter how large or small.

RotaryGBI produce a series of information sheets (login required) which can be accessed here and a list of organisations that Rotary work with on a regular basis.

Many International projects are done in conjunction the Rotary Foundation, Rotary's own charity which often will provide matching funding to enable larger projects to be undertaken across the world.

Disaster Aid UK & Ireland


Rotary response to Ukraine humanitarian crisis

RotaryGBI Ukraine Crisis Taskforce Bulletin 4th March 2022


As the world recoils in horror at the unfolding tragedy in Ukraine, it is becoming very obvious that there will be a humanitarian crisis of unimaginable proportions. Men women and children still in Ukraine will be in desperate straits. Those people able to flee as refugees to neighbouring countries may be slightly safer but will be just as dependent on help, as they arrive with little more than the clothes they stand in.

Disaster Aid UK and Ireland are joining Governments, Aid Agencies and NGOs in trying to establish what help could be given to these survivors who have nothing and maybe not even a country. Help will be desperately needed.

The situation is so time critical, that as we continue to work out the best form our aid should take, we are launching an appeal to raise funds, so that when we have established an appropriate response, we can act quickly and decisively to direct the aid where it is needed.

We have started investigating and are actively trying to establish contacts and partners who can outline the need. Clearly, sending aid into a war zone could be fraught and may not reach it’s intended recipients. However, there may be merit in trying to help refugees and the aid may be more sustainable and transparent. Part of our philosophy always is to try and direct resources to people who have been overlooked by other efforts.

We are not a political organisation, quite the opposite in fact, and it is not our place to judge but simply to try and help the survivors of this man made, rather than our usual natural disaster.

At this stage we ask you to do what you always do and trust us to act with our usual integrity, transparency, professionalism and compassion as we come up with a plan to distribute resources that we know will be so generously provided by our donors.

We know that this is not our usual modus operandi and that it unusual to ask for donations when the details of our response are not finalised. However, on this occasion, we feel justified in acting so quickly. Please urgently consider giving to this appeal to help give the people of Ukraine a ‘hand up, not a handout’ in their hour of need.

Joint Manchester and Iasi Rotary Meeting 11th March 2022

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Rotary Shoebox Scheme

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Rotary and Sand Dams

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more Rotary is at the heart of every community. Wherever there is a town or a city, there is a Rotary club and our members are dedicated to helping the communities in which they live and work.

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