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District Membership Development for 2019/20

The District Membership development team is first and foremost a resource for Presidents, Membership team leaders and any Rotarian who is looking for support in the following areas:-

1.    Assessing your club to ensure that it is meeting members needs and reflecting the community.
2.    Engaging with current members to learn strategies that will keep members excited about Rotary.
3.    Connecting with prospective members by using strategies and ideas to connect with potential members.
4.    Following up on membership leads that may be directed to your club.
5.    Making new members feel welcome by creating an orientation plan and getting them involved early.
6.    Developing the club by using best practice ideas.

In addition to providing information and a guide to best practice with regards to membership development the District Membership development and District Public image teams have combined to provide a financial resource to clubs to support them with regards to membership development and raising awareness of Rotary.  

An application form for these grants can be found on this page. There are a few conditions of obtaining a grant, including the requirement to provide  a report to the team after the event or programme the grant was used for providing feedback  and that a representative of the club is willing to speak at a District Council District Assembly or District membership seminar so that best practice can be shared.
The incoming Rotary President Mark Maloney is calling on every Rotary and Rotaract club to identify segments of their community not represented in their club by creating a membership team with diverse members.  

He is urging Presidents to offer alternative meeting experiences and service opportunities to make it easier for busy professionals and people with many family obligations to serve in leadership roles.
The District membership team recognise that all clubs are different and that what worked for one club may not be successful for another.  We also recognise that Rotary clubs and members have a long standing tradition of coming up new ideas to ensure they remain relevant to their communities in the future so we want to hear about them.

The Team

Paul Hickson -District Membership team leader 2019/20
Peter O’Keefe
Malcolm Wells
Joy Poulter
Lou Moss
Geoff Williams ( Membership Leads)
Tom Silverson ( Rotaract)
Anthony Beevor ( Public Image)
Simon Edmands ( Sports & Social)
Caroline Easton ( Membership Rewards)
Peter Kleyn ( Rotary Fellowships)
David Easton ( Retention)

Membership Services pages:

Public Image

more Rotary has a tremendous story to tell. The job of the PI team in District 1145 is to help the clubs in the District and the District Teams to tell that story to the public.

Support for Membership Development 2019/20

more Funds are available to clubs to enhance membership development activities.

Rotary's membership crisis in Australia.

more Trajectory & Momentum. TWO VIDEOS from Mark Huddleston on Vimeo.

District 1145 Sports Competitions 2019-20

more Rules for some of the Competitions are listed here. (6 pages below this)

Rotary District 1145 Sports, MATCHING SPORTS GRANTS

more Applications for matching grants of up to £250 are invited from any Rotary Club within District 1145 that wishes to support a young sportsperson or youth sports group within their local area.