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Rotary Covid-19 Response 

The daughter of a Rotarian in District 1240 supports Tower Hamets Rotary in District 1130

“We have opened an assessment/Discharge lounge at Goodmayes Hospital. This ward will be receiving patients from Queens hospital and King Georges Hospital. They will be assessed by a multidisciplinary team and either admitted for further care, or discharged home with a package of care. The patients are on the day ward from 2-5 hours. Many of our patients are elderly and some have dementia and/or confusion. There is very little for them to look at or do when they are with us, and would benefit from some distraction such as a television so that they can watch a familiar programme or the news.

We are very grateful for any support you could give us in making our unit as friendly and comforting as possible for our patients.”

Tower Hamlets Rotary delivers, in less than 18 hours. Job Done and thank you NHS for you never ending commitment.

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