Disaster Aid for Nepal

RC Himalayan Gurkhas are sending reports which gives us a breakdown of where and how the District Fund money is being used in Nepal.

First report-May;

 Earthquake_project_list_funded_by_Dist1040_May_2015.pdf Click on this link to see how the money has been spent so far. 

Also watch this youtube video which shows the effects of the earthquake in Sindhupalchowk Nepal, the film was produced for the Nepal Trust but Sindhupalchowk is also a community that is being supported by you with your money through RC Himalayan Gurkhas.
The film also demonstrates the need for our further support over the coming year for the people of Nepal to help rebuild their communities.

13/6/15 Click on  Second Report- June 
18/6/15 3rd Report  and 4th Report

Mike Bamford has sent the following newspaper cutting sent from Lila Banlaya of Kathmandu, Lila was a GSE student some 4-5 years ago which may also be of interest;-

newspaper cutting

3/6/16 Final report for the Bhumlichok VDC community hall rebuild sponsored by Ilkley Wharfedale.

17/6/16  Final Report on restoration of drinking water at Chakauti