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All about Foundation Grants

All about Foundation Grants

The Rotary Foundation Grants

District Grant Awards/Reports

Electronic Reports on Awards from the District Grant are due by June. A simple report is all that is required and the preferred format is now available as a word file and a pdf .                                                                                               
Contact: with queries or requests for assistance with this programme.

Foundation Grants

All Districts in RI have to be qualified to receive financial support from The Rotary Foundation.  
All Clubs have subsequently to be qualified and achieve this by   

  1. attendance at a Grants Management Seminar
  2. the President Elect & President Nominee completing, signing and scanning a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for an award from the District Grant or a Global Grant or both.

(The cooperating organisations MoU is only signed if a third party is involved.)

D1285 Grants Management Seminars are held in March and April.

Details of the 2019 Grant Management Seminars are:

Foundation Seminar - Wednesday evening, 13rd March - Denton Golf Club

Foundation Seminar - Saturday morning, 23rd March - Culcheth Sports Club.

Further details and booking form to follow, and will also be sent directly to clubs.

Please also add that the cut-off date for District Grants applications is 24th June.  Applications received after that date will not be considered.

Link to downloadable forms

Electronic bids for 2019 awards from the District Grant and club MOU’s must be with Elizabeth Tatman by June 24th 2019

Humanitarian Projects

The Humanitarian Grants Programme of the Rotary Foundation provides grants to Rotary clubs and districts to implement humanitarian projects both locally and internationally. All projects supported by grants from The Rotary Foundation must involve the active and personal participation of Rotarians. Many grant funded projects assist in the development of stronger Rotary networks as clubs from different nations work together to address community needs.

District Grant Awards may be used to fund humanitarian projects & do not require a partner Club. Global Grants do require a partner club.

Educational Projects

Educational Projects are an integral part of Rotary's goal to promote world peace, goodwill, and understanding. Such projects include Scholarships, Vocational Training Teams, Rotary Centres for International Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution, and Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Programme.

Educational projects may be funded by either District Grant Awards or Global Grants.

Global Grants

Global Grants now replace what were previously known as Matching Grants.

Global Grants will only be awarded for projects requesting a minimum award from The Rotary Foundation of US $15,000 (which equates to a project with a minimum value of US $30,000). 

The programme is designed to have clubs in different countries share their resources and work together.

Successful projects have their funding 'matched' by 

  1. the District Designated Fund and then 
  2. The Rotary Foundation - World Fund: 
    Club monies are matched on a 0.5:1 (50%) basis   
    Pre-approved District Designated Funds included in the project are matched on a 1:1 (100%) basis.

For Global Grant purposes England, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales, are separate countries. Ireland (Eire) is of course an independent country.

Applications for Global Grants may be submitted between July 1 and 31 March each year. Applications are created, developed and, once approved, reported on online. More information may be found at Rotary Grants.

Contact with queries or requests for assistance with this programme, and to arrange reviewing applications ahead of despatch to The Rotary Foundation.

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