Funding the Rotary Foundation

Sustaining Member, Paul Harris Fellow, Benefactor, Bequest Society Members, Major Donors

Funding the Rotary Foundation

All Rotarians are expected to support the work of their own charity, The Rotary Foundation, with individual donations or fund raising to either 

  1. the Annual Programmes Fund which is spent 3 years later
  2. the Permanent Fund which effectively is the “reserve” for when difficulties occur in the future.

The preferred way to send donations to The Rotary Foundation is direct to:

RFUK at Rotary GB&I, Kinwarton Road, Alcester, B49 6BP (mark the top left corner of your envelope "RFUK" on the approved form.

Cheques should be made out to, "RFUK" and enclosed with a copy of this form advising the name of the club making the donation and the name of the fund to be credited.  If more than one fund is to be credited then it is preferable for separate cheques and forms to be submitted. In the event that Clubs wish to allocate donations to individuals then the reverse of the form should be completed.

For further information regarding donations please contact Mike Payne.

Keeping track of your club’s donations to The Rotary Foundation

In each Rotary year the current Club President and Club Secretary have the ability to download reports from the RI website that give information about how their club has, and is, supporting The Rotary Foundation. Of particular interest will be the Club Recognition Summary (CRS) and the Monthly Contribution Report (MCR).

Club Presidents and Club Secretaries can look at the Club Recognition Summary and Monthly Contribution Reports via the Member Access section on the RI website.

Different Types of Supporters

Definitions of supporters of The Rotary Foundation - There are quite a number of terms used by The Rotary Foundation in respect of those that support it. The following may be useful in understanding them:

Sustaining Member

Someone who has personally donated at least US$100 to the Annual Programmes Fund in a Rotary Year is recognised by The Rotary Foundation as a sustaining member in the year the donation was received. Club Presidents, using the Club Recognition Report, can identify these individuals and present them with a sticker to display on their club name badge if they so wish. 

Paul Harris Fellow (PHF)

Either, someone in whose name US$1,000 has been donated to The Rotary Foundation or, someone who has personally made a donation of US$1,000 to the Annual Programmes Fund. An individual can build up their contributions and once it reaches $1,000 they automatically become a Paul Harris Fellow If multiple donations of US$1,000 are made then the person in whose name they were given will be recognised as a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow and receive a PHF lapel pin that indicates the level of their giving, up to US$10,000. 


Someone who has made a personal donation of at least US$1,000 to the Permanent Fund is recognised by The Rotary Foundation as a benefactor and receives an insignia that can be worn with their Rotary lapel badge (or their Paul Harris Fellow badge) if desired. The gift can either be an outright gift or notice that at least US$1,000 has been left to The Rotary Foundation in the person’s Will. Benefactors have the option to wear “metal ribbons” with their chosen Rotary lapel pin.

Bequest Society Members

Individuals or couples who notify The Rotary Foundation that they have made arrangements in their Will(s) to donate at least US$10,000 to The Rotary Foundation will be recognised as members of the Bequest Society.

Major Donors

The Rotary Foundation recognises those couples or individuals whose combined personal outright or cumulative giving has reached US$10,000. All outright contributions made to The Rotary Foundation are included in this total, regardless of the gift designation. 


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