Eddie Cranmer Award

District 1285 Foundation Award

Eddie Cranmer Shield

The award is presented annually to the Club in District 1285 that is judged to have given the greatest overall support to The Rotary Foundation during the previous Rotary Year. All clubs are automatically considered for the award that is presented at the District Council. 

The Rules of the competition are:

The award shall be presented annually to the Club in District 1285 that is judged to have given the greatest overall support to The Rotary Foundation during the Rotary Year. 

The award shall be returned to the District Governor at the end of June each year for presentation to the winning Club.

To be considered for the award of the Eddie Cranmer Shield, a Club must score points in not less than three of the numbered categories specified below.

Criteria for judging - Points shall be credited to each Club dependent upon their support of Rotary Foundation activities as designated by the District Rotary Foundation Committee (DRFC). The DRFC will provide the District Governor with award information and the number of points scored in the following six categories.

Category 1 - Club per capita financial contributions to The Rotary Foundation.

(Information source - The Monthly Contribution Report issued by The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.)

a) Donations to Annual Giving 

b) Donations to End Polio Now, Polio Plus or PolioPlus Partners 

c) Donations to a Global Grant

Category 2 - Support of the Vocational Training Team (VTT} Programme.

(Information source - Data relevant to VTT will be provided by the VTT Chairman from the candidate and team leader interview records and from the record of the incoming VTT visit programme published in District 1285)

a) Nomination of a Team Leader or a Team Member (Nominee must attend District Interview to qualify for award of points)

b) Supplying a successful Team Leader/Member 

c) For hosting an event/Club visit for the VTT (incoming team) 

d) For each Club Member providing a night of home hosting for any of the incoming VTT visitors during the visit.

Category 3 - Support of the Global Grant Scholarship & Peace Fellowship Programmes.

(Information source - Data held by the DRFC relating to scholars and their counsellors will be used to calculate the award of points. Only visits arranged by agreement with the relevant scholar's counsellor will qualify for the award of points.)

a) For nominating an outgoing scholar (scholar must attend District Interview) 

b) For nominee selected at District Selection Interview 

c) For each Counsellor provided by the Club (incoming or outgoing) 

d) For each occasion a Scholar is invited to speak at a Club Meeting.

Category 4 - Support of Humanitarian Grant projects.

(Information source - Only electronic evidence of a Global Grant application provided to the DRFC by the Club submitting a Global Grant will qualify for inclusion in this programme activity.)

a) For submitting a Global Grant Application 

b) For submitting a bid for an award from the District Grant. 

Category 5 - Support of the District Foundation Seminar (or Workshop)

(Information source - The attendance record completed at the District Foundation Seminar or Workshop).

a) For each person registered by the Club and attending the event

Category 6 - Support of Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) recognition.

(Information source - Receipt of a copy of the PHF recognition application by the DRFC Chairman)

a) For each PHF recognised during the Rotary Year

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