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GOOD Presentation by Cardiff Rc at District Council (25.2.16).  You missed a lot of information if  you were not there.

Every year 18,000 people in Wales are diagnosed with cancer, facing tough questions, difficult emotions and exhausting treatment.  With diagnoses steadily rising, there is a growing need for support with the practival and emotionalchallenge that effect people with cancer and their families and firends.

That is where Maggies comes in.  The exceptional Centres are built in the grounds of NHS hospitals for anyone and everyone affected by cancer.  Warm, welcoming and full of light and space, designed by leading architects to be calming and uplifting   environments for all visitors.

Help Cardiff Rotary Club towards its £25,000 target  to build  part of this exceptional Centre.

Speakers are avaialble  to come to your Club to give a very informative  talk:

contact : Gwen Axford  07974257066

Though Gwen has retired she is still willing to give talks to interested Clubs and organisations.

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