Twinning Schemes

Information on the opportunities for fellowship with Rotarians around the globe.

Opportunities for Fellowship with Other Rotarians

Rotary Friendship Exchange

An opportunity to visit Rotarians in another country to experience their culture first hand. This can be as an individual, couple or larger group such as a club. This exchange can be the basis for working together on a service project.

Visit for more details or contact Tom Scharff, the District Twinning Liasion Officer for more details.

Rotarian Action Groups

If you have a particular vocational skill you would like to share with others outside your club, then consider a Rotarian Action Group. The existing groups are listed on

Rotary Fellowships

Enhance your vocational skills through a Rotary Fellowship. You can share your passion for beer, golf, music or wine with Rotarians in another country via

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Generators going to Hospitals in Ukraine

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Rotary Supports Ukraine

How Rotarians are helping Ukrainians

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Covid relief Project with Indian D3040

more The D3040 team managing this co-operation project with D3040 in India has decided to close the project and return donations to the Clubs who made contributions.

Help for Afghan Refugees in our District

more Every Club is encouraged to make contact with their local Council and register to help Afghan refugees who may be housed in their locality.Let me know how Clubs are actually helping so I can share good initiatives for replicating elsewhere.

ShelterBox Disaster Response

more Clubs throughout District 1090 are keen supporters of Shelterbox and respond in times of need in addition to contributing to this award-winning charity on a regular basis.

Marlow and Monrovia Unite to fight Ebola

Ebola Treatment and Prevention

more When the deadly Ebola virus was killing thousands of people in West Africa, Brian Jonson and Marlow Rotary club sprung into action partnering with RC Monrovia in Liberia. Lives were saved and the partnership endures to address the aftermath of the crisis.

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Creating Better Futures

Creating Better Futures

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Preparing the Dam

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Goodwill and Growth for Africa

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Rotary Doctor Bank

more Rotary Doctor Bank is a charity run by Rotarians in South Wales and maintains a register of doctors and nurses who carry out voluntary work abroad.

The Rotary 'Box' Schemes

more The Rotary Box Schemes are an important contribution to practical aid in countries suffering from poverty and disasters.

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International Service

back Our partnerships with communities and organisations overseas, providing safe water, promoting maternal and child health, responding to natural disasters and supporting those in conflict zones