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Starting a Satellite Club

more Opening a Satellite Club is a very satisfying project. It expands your Rotary horizons. It re-invigorates your club and its members. It provides flexibility allowing new-style Rotary to evolve and attract a wider range of new Rotarians

Rotaract - The Future

more Rotaract Policies are to change, effective from 1st July 2020, to elevate Rotaract's new role as a membership type within the Rotary Family

A group of Volunteers from different Companies working as a team on a Rotary Project.

Business in the Community

more If Corporate Membership fails to inspire local Companies, then offer 'Business in the Community' and re-connect local businesses, community and Rotary. It's a practical way to showcase Rotary in Action proving attractive to potential members

Project led Membership

more How to make Rotary stand out from the crowd? That's the question when seeking potential Rotarians.

Corporate Membership

more Establish a working partnership between the Rotary Club and local Businesses and Organisations: offer them Corporate Membership.

Retaining Club Members - 1090 Membership

more This is an area that is often overlooked in the busy life of an active club, yet it's an area where a little time and thought can help to maintain the interest of existing members.

Developing a Membership Strategy - 1090 Membership

more A Club Membership Development Plan is recommended, outlining objectives and strategies for retention and recruitment.

Engaging Young Professionals - A Challenge For Rotary

more How do we bring younger people into Rotary? It's a subject that has many Rotarians shaking their heads? It can't be done! Younger people aren't interested! They don't want to join us!

Case Studies

more How We Did It! The stories behind other Clubs Successes

Fishing in Vain?

Are They Biting?

more Fishing for new Members? Not having much luck? Maybe you should try casting in a different area?

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Attracting New Members

back Ideas and suggestions to attract potential Rotarians