Conference Highlights

Friday 13 October

1–4.30pm         Registration open      (Sun Court)
1–4.30pm         House of Friendship  (Sun Court)
6.30pm             Black-Tie Dinner (Ocean Room)  £32.50 
                         Tom OConnor

Saturday 14 October

9am–1pm        Registration open      (Sun Court)
9am–4.30pm   House of Friendship  (Sun Court)

9.30–11am      1st Plenary Session
11.30am–1pm 2nd Plenary Session

1–2.15pm        Fellowship Lunch – Ocean Room 

2.30–4.30pm   3rd Plenary Session
                        District Chairpersons
                        (Grand Hall)

2.30–4pm        NO Partner’s Session

6.30–7.30pm   Pre-dinner drinks (Promenade Lounge)

7.30pm            Two course Dinner at the Spa £25.00
                        (Ocean  Room)

8.45–10pm       Tenor  Laurence Robinson    (Spa Theatre)

10pm–12am      Dancing                   (Grand Hall)
                          ABBA Revival tribute band

 Sunday 15 October            

9.30am–noon  House of Friendship (Sun Court)

10am–12.30pm  4th  Plenary Session


                            Conference Closes