Hull Music Bursaries Scheme co-organised by Humberside Rotary

The aim of this Scheme is to help some of Hull"™s talented young musicians flourish by developing their potential.

Hull Spring Concert

It focuses on those whose home circumstances are such that they can benefit from some financial help with costs associated with their specialist instrumental tuition. It also helps with the costs of instruments and exams.

We run the Scheme in partnership with the Hull Music Service to enable young people to realise their full musical potential. Their newfound confidence and enthusiasm arising from success in music also helps to motivate their entire educational experience and improve outcomes. A recent study, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, found taking part in activities after the formal school day could play a role in closing the attainment gap between children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and those with more family resources.

“huge improvement”, “attitude is excellent”, “excellent attendance at school”, “Junior Brass Band”, “enjoys performing at music festivals” are just a few of the phrases used in the March 2016 report.

It makes us very proud when the mother of one of our Music Bursaries writes “During this countdown year to Hull being the UK City of Culture, what a testament to the city’s education, music and sensory services that this period sees the first male deaf musician taking his place in the City Youth Orchestra”.

Each Music Bursary is valued up to £200 per annum and is potentially for the duration of the 7 years of secondary education so has a total value which can reach £1400. Awarding the Bursaries is the joint responsibility of the Rotary Club of Humberside and the Hull Music Service. The Bursaries are administered by the Hull Music Service and are reviewed at the end of each academic year to ensure that the pupil is making a suitable level of progress sufficient to justify
continuation of the support of the Bursary.

The Scheme is now in its third year of operation, controlling a fund worth some £27,000 and has now awarded 22 Bursaries. Progress made by recipients of Bursaries has been most rewarding. One pupil has already joined one of the Hull youth Music teams and is performing in public. For any youngster this is a great achievement but for this child, who faced particular challenges in his life it was really special.

Other pupils have achieved really good progress with their grades. We so look forward to more of our young people swelling the ranks of the various Youth Orchestras. Another success involves a pupil who has been invited to join the Yorkshire Young Musicians group which forms part of the National Music and Dance Scheme. This provides Conservatoire standard musical tuition and is aimed at selected youngsters with outstanding talent.

As for the future we see the demand for support expanding as Local Authority funds continue to be reduced. Therefore our efforts to raise more funds become even more urgent. Many local companies, big and small, have very generously responded to our requests for help and made contributions towards the Bursary fund. When such a contribution has been to the value of a Bursary i.e. £1400 a specific Bursary is attributed to the donating company. We are approaching the Hull and East Yorkshire business community during
2017 to seek further funding.

Regarding National or Local Charitable Bodies we are presenting the details of our Bursary Scheme to as many as we can and some respond most generously with donations.

Finally we organise a number of Musical Events. The next on is a Spring Concert to be held in the City Hall. See the attached poster. As well as raising funds this has the added advantage of letting more people be aware of our Music Bursary Scheme.

Paul Lees Chairman Major Events Committee

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