A very useful Satellite Club Handbook has been produced.

Do you want to attract new members to your club? Of course you do!

How are you going to achieve that? Where do you start?

50 members from 1040 attended a seminar promoted by DG Robert on Tuesday 1st August (Yorkshire Day!) at Darrington Golf Club, to which all clubs were invited. They learnt from Past District Governor Tony Cotton, who has a fantastic track record in establishing new satellite clubs, how to go about the process.

Here is a link to the “step by step” handbook, which shows us all how to set up a new satellite attractive to those wanting to be Rotarians, but not the traditional type of Rotary club.

Read it – you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The handbook can be found in the Information Library- General Club Information section, NB- this link only works correctly when you are logged in!This is because the Information Library is in the Members Only section.