Interact Clubs

Interact is a service and social club for young people aged 11 to 19 - based on the model of a Rotary club.

Interact Logo

Each club is sponsored by a Rotary club which guides the members in the development of their club. The club can be either school-based or community-based. The clubs are selfsupporting and self governing. An Interact club will fulfil the citizenship criteria for a school and is recommended by OFSTED.

Why get involved Interact?

  1. It is an entry route for other Rotary programmes
  2. It helps leading members into Rotaract
  3. It is good for your club – by providing:
  • Higher profile in the community
  • Better contact with schools
  • Possibility of parents becoming Rotarians
  • Interactors joining in Rotary projects

INTERACT- a fantastic programme - the young face of Rotary, our next generation