India Floods

Kerala is going through unprecedented calamity not seen in over a century. The incessant rains and the resultant floods has already taken 330 lives as of today. The devastation to property is colossal.

Appeal poster for floods in India.
Appeal poster for floods in India.

The state machinery along with the Indian Army and Navy has been handling the biggest evacuation the state has ever seen. Rotary Clubs along the length and breadth of the state are currently involved in providing the essentials such as food, etc in different locations, where more than 1500 relief camps has been set up. Rotary has set up an integrated Rotary Helpline and Relief center. The total loss is in the Billions of USD

If you would like to contribute to the Rotary efforts to help with the situation please read the latest information about Kerala on the Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland web site.

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Appeal poster for floods in India.


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