Start a New Club

Starting new Rotary clubs increases our ability to improve lives in communities around the world. A new club adviser works with district leaders to develop and support the new club during the process.

Reasons to start a club

Both Rotary club members and nonmembers can start clubs. Here are some reasons you might want to.

You're a Rotary club member, and:

  • An area in your district doesn't have its own club.
  • Your Rotary club can no longer accommodate new members.
  • Some members need an alternate meeting time.
  • Some members prefer to meet online, less frequently, or using a different format ().

You're not a club member, and:

  • Your area doesn't have a club.
  • The club in your area doesn't fit your needs.
  • You want to get involved with your community in a new way.
Read the Rotary International guide to forming a new club.

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