Youth Seminar

Helping youth in our District.

On a beautiful sunny Saturday morning I was delighted to attend this wonderful seminar organised by our District Youth Chair Marion Ainslow. Despite a very disappointing turnout from clubs those who came along were treated to some excellent presentations.

Ron Gibbs of Coventry Jubilee made an impassioned presentation on Youth Speaks Terri Morgan told us how Young Photographer inspires creativity. Students from Campion School told us how Rotary benefits their school and the many projects that they are involved with.

We heard from Milby Rotakids how introducing Cricket in their School through Chance to Shine has brought about a real change in the confidence of students and broadened the opportunities for all of them We presented both schools with certificates to thank them for “Being The Inspiration

Many thanks to Marion and her team for an excellent morning Special thanks to Paul Jaspal for his help with the presentations.