RIBI Template Website Workshop

Helping clubs to improve their websites

RIBI Template Website Workshop


Saturday 12th January 2019, commencing at 1.30pm until 4.30pm

What's Covered?

This workshop will be hands-on within a computer suite so that web administrators can access their club website and work on various website enhancements.

The workshop can go in any direction depending on questions asked on the day. It is hoped that club website administrators will be able to share their knowledge and also pick up "how to" tips from others. 

The workshop will be led by the District Web Team and will cover likely topics such as:

  1. how to add Facebook and Twitter badges so that social media feeds appear on a club's home webpage
  2. how to add video to a webpage so that it appears OK on smartphones and tablets as well as PCs
  3. what size photos to use
  4. homepage display options - carousel / thumbnail views
  5. how to create club events that appear automatically on the District website next 30-day listing of events
  6. how to create a countdown banner for an event on the home webpage
  7. adding contact roles for the receipt of incoming emails
  8. understanding the difference between "what we do" pages and weekly meetings and events pages
  9. setting venue co-ordinates for homepage map
  10. looking at simple source code

Note: we will not be considering the public image content and messages of webpages. The focus will be on website design and layout.


Cornwallis South East (Octagon) 
University of Kent  

See Map

Free car parking available

The workshop will start at 1.30pm and finish at 4.30pm

Note: there will be a morning workshop (9.30-12.30) covering Rotary Club Central and the DMS so delegates can attend two workshops on the same day if they wish.


Attendees will be using computers provided by the University and so you are advised to make a note of your login details so you can acsess your club website on the University computer.


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