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Rotarians across Britain and Ireland have secured the support of a few celebrity Purple4Polio Ambassadors supporting Rotary’s campaign to rid the world of polio.

Ade Adepitan

Paralympian and broadcaster Ade, has pledged to support Rotary “all the way” as we continue our efforts to rid the world of this life threatening and crippling disease. Ade contracted polio in his birth country of Nigeria but moved to the UK with his parents a few years later. He has spoken at many Rotary events and conferences and will be at the next Rotary Showcase event in Nottingham in May 2019.
The Channel Four documentary, The Journey of My Lifetime, first shown in August 2013, saw Ade returning to Nigeria to meet people dealing with polio.
Read more on the Rotary in Britain and Ireland webpages.

Jonathan Cavendish

The producer of the film Breathe, about his father’s life after contracting polio in Kenya in the 1950s, has said “I am pleased to be able to help publicise the great work done by Rotary and the Purple4Polio campaign. The world must remain vigilant in ensuring that this horrifying disease is finally and totally eradicated.”
Read the interview with Jonathan on the Rotary in Britain and Ireland webpages.

Alan Titchmarsh

In 2016 Alan added his support to Rotary’s work
"I am delighted to be able to support the Purple4Polio campaign developed by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland. The campaign which involves members of Rotary Clubs across the UK planting in excess of six million crocus corms during October that will bloom in late February and early March is very innovative and clearly shows that you, members of the Rotary organisation, bring colour into people's lives through all your activities. I wish you all the very best and look forward to seeing a blaze of purple across the country in early spring"

Chris Tarrant 

Chris also gave his support to our work in 2016. 
Arguably one of Britain's most successful game show hosts and light entertainment presenters, Chris Tarrant is very excited to be supporting Purple4Polio. When accepting the invitation to become an Ambassador, Chris said
"I am delighted to support Rotary International across Great Britain and Ireland in their 100th year of fundraising through the Rotary Foundation. This very special year, I am aware, involves the planting of some 6 million purple crocus corms which are the symbol of the Purple4Polio campaign.

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