Building of Classrooms at Zvamaida Primary School

Basildon Concorde are raising money for a very ambitious overseas project in Zimbabwe. As a country, the people have suffered badly over recent decades; there is much poverty and deprivation, much has to be done to rebuild and move the country forward.

 One week to go before the GlobalGiving Crowd Funding campaign starts

Our project to build classrooms for the 365 children of Zvamaida Primary School is now only a week away from the start of the GlobalGiving Crowd Funding program. During the 3 weeks from Monday 9th September to Friday 27th September we have to raise $5,000 US Dollars (apx £4,000) from 40 donors, which is challenging. If we do this then we can remain on the GlobalGiving platform and continue with Crowd Funding. As you will see whilst every £1 counts so does the number of donors; so large or small, every donation counts towards our 40 donors. It is now countdown time to next Monday. Please support our Crowd Funding campaign.

URL to our GlobalGiving donation page:

Campaign leaflet for the Building of Classrooms at Zvamaida Primary School 

You can download a PDF version of this leaflet here

Crowd Funding news for Building Classrooms at Zvamaida Primary School

The Club has been approved by Global Giving Crowd Funding to go onto its September Accelerator programme. This means that from Monday 9th September until Friday 27th September our club will be open for donations to the site. We need to raise $US 5,000 with 40 donors supporting our fund raising efforts in order to ‘graduate’ and remain on the Global Funding platform and continue to raise funds.

Please do consider making a contribution to this funding project. The way to find the funding page is either to go direct to Global Funding URL, or go to our Facebook page and type in Zvamaida Primary School or the URL: and donate via the button there. First donations commence on Monday 9th September.

Building Classrooms for Zvamaida Primary School

The Club is embarking on a very ambitious overseas project in Zimbabwe. You will know there has been a change in the governing of the country and Mr Mugabe is no longer the President. As a country, the people have suffered badly over recent decades; there is much poverty and deprivation, much has to be done to rebuild and move the country forward.


The project in Zvamaida Community, Chegutu District of Zimbabwe, currently has a school pupil enrolment of 365 children, just one classroom block, no electricity and hole in the ground toilets. Most of the children are taught under thatched buildings or trees. The children walk long distances to get to school and most are undernourished and impoverished. The aim is to build a total of 6 classrooms, provide electricity, a new water borehole, Ecosan toilets, plus sanitary facilities for the girls.

What is the problem?

Inadequate infrastructure and learning outside the classrooms causes school children to be disturbed during windy, sunny, cold and rainy days. Poor infrastructure reduces children's concentration leading to failure in their studies. During a needs assessment that was conducted in May 2018, by The Ministry of Social Welfare, it noted children were attending classes in make-shift classrooms and the inadequacy of this to provide children with a good education.

How will this project solve the problem?

Construction of the new classrooms will greatly diminish the need for students having to learn in inadequate buildings and also for suitable school desks to be provided. This will also encourage children to attend school and give them more self-esteem, confidence and aspirations. The provision of electricity is also important as indeed will be a new dedicated water bore-hole. Improved sanitary toilet facilities will be further progress in the development of the school.

Potential long term impact

Around 365 children will have access to a school that not only has 6 new classrooms, but also electricity, an improved water supply, new toilet facilities and a learning environment more appropriate and conducive for learning. This will ensure  higher attendance levels at the school and a more positive view towards the importance of education. The health of the children should improve - benefiting from all the new facilities including sanitary facilities for the girls